Sunday, April 20, 2014

Greenhouse 4/15/14

 4/15/14 - Updated greenhouse...
4/15/14 -  New set up...lettuce has always grown with window light alone, but had an extra light to end it this year

 4/15/14 - lettuce
 4/15/14 - Tomatoes getting is taking off...loves the natural sun!
 4/15/14 - Transplanted the 2 Black Beauty Zucchini into bigger pots
 4/15/14 - Side view of was Aloe Vera watering day, once every week or 2
 4/15/14 - If you look closely on the right side in the black starter pots you'll notice I misjudged where I planted the seeds and one row has very evenly planted 2 sprouts coming up while one row is empty! That's what I get for trying to entertain a four year old while planting:p
 4/15/14 - Transplanted the 10 Swiss Chard plants that really needed it...they look pretty sad right now, but will perk up! They dried out way too quickly in their little germination nests.  I also made the terrible mistake of plucking out the double or triple sprouts when they germinated, mistakingly thinking I planted more than one seed, until I recalled I only planted one each, and that they grow multiple stalks! So, thankfully I recalled that before getting all of them, but most of them only have one growing stalk. 
 4/15/14 - Planted some cilantro seeds....3 x 12 seeds in this bottom watering container.