Sunday, July 31, 2016

Garden Update & Harvest 7/31/16

 7/31/16 - Today's Harvest - Lots of Italian leaf Basil, Golden cherry and chocolate cherry tomatoes and Curled Scotch kale
 7/31/16 - Today's Harvest - Golden cherry and chocolate cherry tomatoes
 7/31/16 - Today's Harvest - Lots of Italian leaf Basil
 7/31/16 - Today's Harvest - Curled Scotch kale

 7/31/16 - Dried 6 trays of fresh basil ^_^ Can't wait for the fresh supply for soup!
7/31/16 - My precious shaggy baby enjoying the wind in her hair at the garden

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Garden Update & Harvest 7/28/16

With a new puppy I haven't had the time to do any garden clearing since my Binky arrived on 7/7/16! It's quite a jungle! All I can say is thank God for week cover! However my strawberry patch is quite weedy! With some random raspberries in there too from the neighboring plot.  I sure have my work cut out for me. I'll have to find a baby-sitter for my little Binky Boo and get to work on cleaning up my garden for several hours and days, soon.  
 7/28/16 - Swiss chard and kale doing amazing, looks like the zucchinis are coming to an end...which I don't mind I have so much zucchini at home now!
 7/28/16 - What a jungle! Since Binky arrived I haven't had the time to spend hours in my garden weeding and this happens! Never have I had so much grow in front of my path. Going to need to rethink next years garden plan
I really need to clear the lettuce...but there is still so much good produce there!
 7/28/16 - The tomatoes are just insane! Every year I prune them throughout the week, every week but this year things changed with new responsibilities so it's quite a jungle.
 7/28/16 - Red Russian kale, so few plants, such amazing produce:)
 7/28/16 - Mmm ripe tomato time!
 7/28/16 - Today's harvest - Red Russian kale, Curled Scotch kale, Swiss chard, strawberries, golden cherry tomatoes and Chocolate cherry tomatoes
 7/28/16 - Three massive zucchinis
 7/28/16 - Three massive zucchinis are so much bitter in person
 7/28/16 - I love how big the chocolate cherry tomatoes get! I couldn't get too in there to pick too many more with Binky at my belly...the tomato plants are poisonous to her if she chose to take a nip
7/28/16 - an oversized cucumber that I'll seed and add to the cucumber salad

Friday, July 29, 2016

Garden Update & Harvest 7/21/16

7/11/16 - Today's Harvest. Since my adorable puppy, Binky, arrived to me on 7/716, I haven't had any time to go to the garden to do much more than just grab some produce!
7/21/16 - Another quick run to the garden with Binky snuggled in her carrier by my belly to harvest some produce! Garden is plentiful!
7/21/16 -Looks like the cucumbers are just about ready to be cleared out
7/21/16 -Lots of amazing kale to harvest
7/21/16 - So much lettuce too! More than I can pick, so I may let most of it just die off to clear out.
7/21/16 -What a jungle
7/21/16 -Tomatoes are coming in!
7/21/16 - Harvested three massive cucumbers! Good thing so much family is around at this time to use up all the harvests...grilled zucchini tonight!
7/21/16 - The last harvest - 15 cucumber, Swiss Chard, Curly Kale, Red Russian kale and lettuce
7/21/16 - I'm so glad I have a favorte cucumber salad to use these with!
7/21/16 - my favorte cucumber salad - I seeded the cucumbers because many were over grown and it helped take out some of the moisture for my cucumber salad. I could eat this daily!
7/21/16 - Also used up the Curly kale the same day to make my favorite massaged kale salad with avocado and veggies.
7/21/16 - My niece   showing off her strength with the massive zucchini we grilled that night.
7/21/16 - Fried up some spiced up and breaded zucchini and it was amazing!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Garden Update & Harvest 7/10/16

 7/10/16 - I need to do some major harvesting!
 7/10/16 - All the rain doubled my garden size!
  7/10/16 - Garden's just bursting at its seams!
7/10/16 - Zucchini plant 1
 7/10/16 - Zucchini plant 2
 7/10/16 - Zucchini plant 3
7/10/16 - Zucchini plant 4 - made some amazing banana bread with my smallest zucchini...which was in no way small!
 7/10/16 - delicious Red Russian Kale
 7/10/16 - Tomatoes need some major pruning!
 7/10/16 - Today's harvest...4 massive zucchinis, 8 cucumbers and some Red Russian kale
 7/10/16 - Today's harvest...this cucumber got big! I'm sure I missed some others ready but just couldn't carry it all plus my baby Binkyin my belly pouch!
 7/10/16 - Today's harvest...Red Russian kale...can't wait to have this in a salad tomorrow
7/10/16 - Today's massive zucchini...she'll will participate in a lot of different dishes!