My Favorite Foods (recipes) 
(updated 3/16/18 after starting my keto lifestyle)
Breakfast/Dessert- Rocket Fuel Latte
Lunch - 
Dinner meal- Salad with coconut oil fried eggs and avocado
Snack/Dessert- Nutty coconut chocolate super-powder balls

Healthy changes I have made, and other changes to improve your health.
Switch From --> To

MSG is basically a salt that comes from glutamic acid. Himalayan crystal salt it pure (click it to watch a great informative video).  Sea Salt is also better than MSG (but the sea is polluted, so it needs to be highly processed to be safe, so Himalayan is the better choice). It also has about 84 minerals which makes it great for detoxing and healing your skin directly. I purchased 2lbs on amazon with an 8" salt lamp (watch the video for more info on that) and received free shipping.

For the longest time I thought Splenda was 100% safe and healthy because it was made from sugar. It is a safer alternative to aspertame...but not a healthy choice. No long term studies have been done on Splenda, so I switched immediately. Stevia however has health benefits and no known dangers. For an extra treat and when making my own raw chocolate, I use raw coconut crystals.

Synthetic Medication --> Natural remedies - spices, essential oils and healthy foods
To be honest I have never been a fan of medication. I only used to take it if I was in dire pain or if subscribed by a doctor.  Thankfully I have no allergies or conic pain that I suffer from so I don't have reason to take meds often.  I do however pull a  muscle here and there (in fact I pinched a nerve in my neck the other day and couldn't turn my neck to the right for 2 days...but it took care of itself...nothing a little heat and time couldn't fix).  With headaches, I would actually power through them, but now I will look to natural relievers to help ease them.

Brita filter --> ZeroWater filter
According to their site, the Brita filter pitchers reduce Chlorine (taste and odor), Copper, and Mercury — all of which may be found in tap water.Whereas the ZeroWater 5 level filter removes all Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). It even came with a tester. I tested my Brita water (I had only refilled it twice with a new filter) and the reading was 124 TDS. I then filtered tap water through my ZeroWater filter and the reading was 0. I could definitely taste the difference too. Depending where you live your tap water could have anywhere from 30-500 TDS in it. The average tap water has around 200. My fridge filtered water tested to have 162 TDS.

Un-natural products --> All natural and organic products
This change was the biggest for me. It included all my lotions, soaps, shampoos, sun block, make-up, lip care etc.  I pretty much got rid of everything and replaced them with the very lowest toxic replacements which are mostly all organic and natural. So far my body is loving this change. I do miss the scent of my Bath & Body Cherry Blossom lotion/body wash & perfume (but will never use them again...the ingredient list is endless and rates an 8 on EWG!). I use either cold pressed extra virgin olive oil or raw organic coconut oil for skin moisturizer.

Regular dark chocolate --> sugar free chocolate
I do love my chocolate, so I was happy to know the cocoa in chocolate has amazing health benefits. Since I started eating a ketogenic diet, I've switched to either making my own chocolate or enjoying Lily's chocolate, that is sugar free, sweetened with stevia and erythritol.

Regular produce --> Organic produce
I buy organic as much as I can.  There is a list of foods (the dirty dozen) that I try to Always get organic. Now that I've allowed meat back into my diet, I only get grass fed organic meat. I also make sure if I get bacon it's uncured and sugar free. 

Skim milk --> un-sweetend Almond Milk
I used to drink a ton of skim milk. Mostly in cereal and tea, but now that I eat a dairy-free diet I was very happy to discover almond milk. I absolutely love the vanilla almond milk. I get the unsweetened kinda from Silk, and it's only 30 calories in a cup.  

antiperspirant --> natural deodorants
I've known for many years now the dangers of antiperspirants on our health, yet didn't quite care enough to make a change...but that definitely changed.  I now use deodorants made from natural ingredients.  Sometimes I use a magnesium solution after a shower (which has it's own health benefits but is also a natural deodorant).

Deodomom Deodorant - $10 - 2 ingredients - Water and Magnesium Hydroxide (a mineral safe enough to eat). Will not clog skin pores and leaves no residue on clothing.
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal - $4 -100% pure and natural, hypoallergenic, and 24 hour protection for underarms. Paraben or PG free; Fragrance free.  Lasts a very long time!  (also available in a spray form:)
Real Pure roll-on - $13 - Made with all Natural & Organic Ingredients & Made in the USA
Sweet underarm Deodorant

The Crystal and Stick both need to be wet before applying.  The advantage of the crystal D.O. is that it's completely clear, as is the roll on one. And the Stick D.O. does leave a white mark.  I find the Stick D.O. worked really great in preventing sweat and odor, however will stain clothing, unfortunately (I'm assuming from the cocoa butter and other oil ingredients).  
The Real Purity clear roll on D.O. is my favorite:) It has a fresh smell and applying it is super easy! No need to apply water, or needing to wash hands after as the cream D.O. does.

Scented candles --> 100% pure essential oils in a diffuser
Many years ago my mother gave me a wonderful essential oils burning set that is so beautiful that I've used it just for decoration for yrs. But finally took it back out to make use of it!  And I love the aromas it gives to my favorite being the 100% peppermint and Mind Rest blend (peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and lemon oils blend). I recently bought some lavender and cedarwood to add to my collection...2 other favorites.