Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cleanse Products

I decided to add some cleansing products to my January Cleanse month, so I purchased a few from Earth Shift Products.  They finally arrived, along with my shower dechlorinator I shared yesterday, and I'm excited to share these with you too, along with some other random products I received. 
 The 1st 2 are actual cleanse products created to naturally help detoxification of the colon and liver. Colon Hygine and Hepasan Liver Cleanse. 

COLON HYGIENE- Oxygen for Superior Colon Hygiene. Eliminates built up toxins before you provide the body with what it needs to restore well being. There is no better way to clean the colon than with oxygen since digestion is known to be a process of oxidation. By introducing oxygen into the intestines and the colon, one can assist the process of complete digestion as well as oxidizing undigested material. Colosan turns the undigested material into CO2, waste and water. Colosan is a cathartic and initially will give you liquid stools. This is a sign that the product is working.

HEPASAN LIVER CLEANSE is a liver, kidney and gall bladder flush that combines the best of modern science and traditional American folk medicine. Hepasan starts with detoxification at the cellular level by boosting the activity of glutathione the antioxidant that plays an important role in energy production of ATP. In doing so it allows the liver to burn accumulated fat while eliminating toxins. Fat and toxins are the two enemies that cause the liver to clog and not function optimally. Hepasan increases microcirculation providing better flow through the fine capillaries of the liver. It thins the blood, bile and interstitial fluids that flow through this all important organ. It contains Black Strap Molasses 95% sugar removed, Red Clover, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Potassium Citrate and Acetyl Cysteine.
 G7 SILICIUM ALOE VERA + ORGANIC SILICA DETOX- The new G7 Silicium Aloe combines the benefits of Aloe Vera and Organic Silica in a single product. This product helps eliminate toxins, cleanse the liver and improve our digestive system. Because of its chelating function, it removes heavy metals accumulated in the organism. The Aloe Vera contains germanium, a trace element with many health benefits, and also is an excellent cleanser that helps blood purification.Organic silicon improves liver function and helps toxin elimination in general (for example, a high level of alcohol in blood is quickly eliminated by the liver). Silicon also has a protective role in our body against heavy metals. More specifically, silicon prevents aluminum absorption by the digestive system and resists the adverse effects aluminum cause in our organism.
VITAL O - OXYGEN, ENZYME, & MINERAL SUPPLEMENT- This powerful blend of oxygen, 78 trace marine minerals, enzymes and amino acids is suspended in a nano-ionic formulation for maximum absorption and rapid delivery. It is designed to cleanse the body of wastes, oxidize toxins, raise metabolism and provide supplemental oxygen for a healthy vitality. This powerful oxidant eliminates bacteria, virus and microbes.

 Some of the other products I purchased with my order that I'd like to share

 THE AVOCADO STICK - PLAIN LIP BALM - This is a product I've purchased from them before, a healthy alternative lip balm. I also use pure raw coconut oil, but I like to keep a stick of this by my computer, and I was all out of my first one. The ingredients include- edible, unrefined, gourmet Avocado oil, Mango & Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba oil, Raspberry Seed oil, and Vitamin.

DR TUNG'S SNAP-ON TOOTHBRUSH SANITIZER- Toothbrushes harbor a host of harmful bacteria that can re-infect your mouth when you brush. Their Snap-On Sanitizer is a revolutionary product that releases all-natural, anti-bacterial vapors to kill germs and safely sanitize your toothbrush between brushings.

 This is actually a product I was Super excited to see in the box, because I didn't order it. They sent it free, and from the looks of it it's a new product that isn't listed on their site.  I'm all about chocolate and healthy variations, and these protein bites were by far the Yummiest Protein chocolate product I've ever tasted! They were fudge-like in consistency and made of- Organic Cacao powder, organic maca powder, Organic coconut, Organic Aganectar, Organic Brown rice Protein, Organic coconut oil, Himalayan salt and Spirulina powder.  They are truly delicious, 100% healthy protein bites! And I can't wait to try make them myself...they include much of what I already put in my raw chocolate balls (apart from brown rice protein and spirulina which i should add to mine next time). Mine do contain a whole lot more ingredients too. This product got an A+ from me.
Front of book
Back of book
This was another product sent free with my order! A very pictorial book of 183 pages titled THE SECRET OF SUSTAINABILITY by ROBERT PLARR & DAVID SEREDA 
It must have been a new years bonus:) The discount value to order the book on the site is $19.95 (retail $29.95...and very oddly going for $59.99 on amazon), so I was very appreciative to receive it!
As quoted in the last page "This book is intended to be your personal guide. Learning to transform your existing home, buildings and vehicles using sustainable technologies. View alternatives to help you build a new home, allowing you to survive and live in harmony with the planet. At Worlds Nest we Product own Energy: Recycle and Re-Use our own Water & Waste: Grow our own Food; Fuel and Retrofit our Hydrogen, ethanol, gas and flex-fuel Vehicles"  Then it gives this website- Many of the photos on the website I recognize in the book.

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