Monday, July 24, 2017

Home Garden 7/24/17

 7/24/17 - After many harvests, the basil in the outside pots are flourishing!
 7/24/17 - Cilantro nice and full! A few harvests were taken
 7/24/17 - Hmm fresh lettuce
 7/24/17 - As well as they do in the screened porch, the plants in the outside pots are doing even better due to more sun, I presume, and the morning due
7/24/17 - Loving my supply of basil at home ^_^

Garden update 7/24/17

 7/24/17 - Garden enjoyed some good rain
 7/24/17 - Cucumber plants of all sizes after having to replant all seeds except one...clearly the one on the right. A total of about 9 plants! I planted some in odd spots that ended up growing after they were thinned out.
 7/24/17 - Tomatoes on their way to ripening up
 7/24/17 - A mix of spreading strawberry plants, a surviving lettuce seed, and transplanted extra cucumber plant!
 7/24/17 - this little lettuce seed survived so I let it continue to grow after weeding out and covering the rest. Finally no more weeding this patch every time I visit my garden!
 7/24/17 - Strawberry patch looking full and beautiful! Bursting at the seams, but I have no desire to cut off the spread.
 7/24/17 - Basil in place of the tomato that didn't make can never have too many basil plants ^_^
 7/24/17 - Hmm some beautiful tomatoes
 7/24/17 - Basil plants getting pretty tall under the bug cover
 7/24/17 - It was time for the cover to be removed, finally they can get some full sun, and hopefully no bugs.
7/24/17 - It's not a 100% full garden this year, but I love it all the same ^_^

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Garden update 7/15/17

 7/15/17 - Cucumbers doing great! I really do need to put a weed cover over the small area in front of it!
 7/15/17 - Tomatoes and basil doing great too!
 7/15/17 - One of my favorite things in the garden is fresh basil!
 7/15/17 - can't wait for the tomatoes to ripen!
 7/15/17 - these cherry tomatoes are getting quite big!
 7/15/17 - This little one didn't quite make it...but it's ok, I bought two of this variety, and the remaining six are growing fabulously!
 7/15/17 - Mmm some of the basils really taking off in the garden. Probably the great access to sunlight
 7/15/17 - The plants under the cover, may be time to take the cover off soon.
 7/15/17 - My one surviving kale!
 7/15/17 - Kale and basil
 7/15/17 - weeded out the front, and strawberry plants in the back are reviving for the second harvest in a couple of months
7/15/17 - I'm so happy I decided to do a garden this year...after thinking I wouldn't at the beginning of the season

Monday, July 3, 2017

Garden update 7/3/17

 7/3/17 - I transplanted 5 curly kale and several basil sprouts
 7/3/17 - All tomatoes but one are doing great!
 7/3/17 - All cucumber seeds sprouted and doing well!
  7/3/17 - After the storms, one cucumber was growing off to the side in the first hole. I'm still not 100% sure it's a cucumber, the leaves are getting awfully big!
  7/3/17 - Tomatoes and basil :)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Greenhouse update 6/29/17

 6/29/17 - Indoor plants sprouting well!
  6/29/17 - Indoor basil
 6/29/17 - Indoor cilantro

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Garden update 6/15/17

 6/15/17 -  After four days of severe storms my cucumbers were destroyed!
  6/15/17 - All my tomatoes did great though!
  6/15/17 - Basil beginning to sprout up
  6/15/17 -  Today's harvest of strawberries
  6/13/17 - Two day's earlier harvested my first belly full of strawberries
 6/13/17 -Perfect size to sprinkle on salads!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Garden update 6/5/17

 6/5/17 - I decided to put a weed cover after planting the cucumbers so they don't get dirty when the rest on the ground. I left space where I planted some lettuce seeds.
  6/5/17 - I then covered the kale seeds I planted so the soil doesn't dry out so quickly in the super hot weather we're getting for the next week. 
  6/5/17 - I planted just the curly kale to keep it simple, it's what I eat the most and it's very hardy into the winter.
 6/5/17 - I planted a few more basil seeds in the middle between the tomato plants, as there was a lot of room.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Garden update 6/3/17

 6/3/17 - I should have knows I couldn't keep out of my garden!  I guess I changed my mind in using my big space.  I don't have a garden set up in my back yard yet, so I decided to make use of my plot space and make the time to water after my gym time...and pray for night rain! I ended up buying and transplating 6 different kinds of tomatoes, with a total of 7 tomato plants. I then planted basil next to it. A garden favorite of mine.  
 6/3/17 - This is day three of my cucumber plants in the garden. They are getting white leaves, as they usually do early on because I didn't really give them time to harden off...but I'm sure they'll be fine!

6/3/17 - I am a little nervous about how my plants with do. Usually I do so much to prep the soil! This year I have no amendments in the soil...I didn't even til it! Just weeded and covered them, thinking I wasn't going to use it. 
6/3/17 - I also planted some stuff in pots. The green long pot is full of celantro, the small cups have curly kale that I'll transplant to my garden, the orange bit rount pot has basil seeds and the other large round pot has lettuce.