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10 of the Most Popular Superfoods
Much has been said about superfoods in the past, and people are often confused about which ones are best to include in their daily diets. There are a lot of these foods with varying benefits to improve general health and well-being. Certain illnesses are also known to be prevented by eating these foods. What is common among these foods is that they contain more antioxidants than other kinds of foods. Learning what these foods are, how to eat them in safe amounts and what they can do for the body is the best way for people to start including them in their diets.

10 of the Most Popular Superfoods Today

The following are 10 amazing superfoods and some important details about them:


1. Blueberries

Blueberries are highly packed with antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C. Its health benefits include normalization of bowel movement, lowering of cholesterol and blood sugar level control. This fruit has also been found to prevent the onset of cancer, asthma, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and other neurological diseases related to aging.

Having a bag of blueberries as a refrigerator staple provides a steady supply of this fruit for use in different foods, including yogurt, fruit salads and porridges. They can also be added to bakery items such as cakes, cinnamon rolls and croissants.

A handful of blueberry fruits would be sufficient for one day.


2. Broccoli

Broccoli's nutritional components include fiber, calcium, folic acid and vitamins K and C. Vitamin C is a powerful agent against cancer, while vitamin K keeps the blood healthy. Fiber cleans the stomach, and calcium keeps the bones strong. Lastly, folic acid promotes normal development of babies inside the wombs of pregnant mothers.

Broccoli is a great addition to mixed veggie dishes. Stir fry these veggies for a few minutes and then consume right afterwards. Broccoli can also be eaten raw with low-fat dips or hummus. A cup a day of cooked or raw broccoli is adequate.


3. Black Tea

Black tea has a high antioxidant content. This morning and afternoon treat is able to prevent cancer, lower blood pressure and inhibit the development of osteoporosis. It can also lower the risk for stroke and heart diseases and increase fluid levels inside the body. Black tea is under investigation for the possibility that it can protect skin from sunlight.

Brew tea for about three minutes. Sugar and a wedge of lime or lemon can be added to the tea. There is no limit to tea consumption.


4. Spinach

Spinach has folate, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin K and protein. It is known to keep the memory sharp and the heart strong.

Spinach is a flexible food to enjoy raw in salads or mixed in pasta sauces and other dishes. A cup of spinach a day provides ample supply of vitamins and minerals.


5. Walnuts

Among all nuts, walnuts have the most antioxidant content. They are also rich with polyunsaturated fats, omega-3 oils, vitamin E and plant serums. These help prevent cancer, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression.

It is common to eat shelled walnuts as is, but they can also be crushed or ground to be included in salads, meals and desserts. Eating eight walnuts in a single day is good enough to stock up on these nutrients.

6. Flaxseed

These tiny seeds contain antioxidants, B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed, the only plant source of omega-3, is a brain food and is a good fighter against cancer.

Flaxseed is mixed with pasta sauces and salad dressing. In the morning, it can be added to a cup of yogurt or a bowl of cereals. Two teaspoons of flaxseed a day is able to deliver its health benefits. Just make sure to chew the seeds finely in your mouth for easy absorption of nutrients.


7. Bananas

The ubiquitous bananas are great sources of vitamin B6, potassium, carbohydrates and antioxidants. Their direct health benefits are increased supply of energy to the body, elimination of free radicals, protection of cells, lowering risks of heart diseases and certain types of cancer, lowering blood pressure and the promotion and maintenance of good health for hair and skin.

Peel and consume them raw. There's no limit for consuming bananas, but don't eat them unripe or overripe.


8. Brazil Nuts

These nuts are good sources of fiber, minerals, essential vitamins and selenium. Brazil nuts are good for Alzheimer's, depression and cancer.

These nuts are commonly mixed with cereals or salad dressing. Consume up to three nuts a day or less if there are fat-rich foods in the diet.


9. Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi is nutritionally dense with large quantities of vitamin A, vitamin E, fiber, potassium and antioxidants. It neutralizes free radicals effectively and lowers the risk of inflammation, colon cancer and asthma. The fruit can also correct platelet hyperactivity and lower triglyceride levels.

Eating a kiwi a day is recommended.

10. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and contains a higher content of antioxidants compared to many fruit juices. This is known to enhance the flow of blood to the brain and is known to improve one's mood.

Eating chunks of dark chocolate as a mid-afternoon snack or using it in baked goods is a common way of consuming this food. Two squares of dark chocolate a day is considered safe.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flu shot dangers

The verdict is out on flu shots. Many medical experts now agree it is more important to protect yourself and your family from the flu vaccine than the flu itself.

Every year the pharmaceutical industry, medical experts and the mainstream media work hard to convince us to get vaccinated against the flu.

But we’re not being told the whole story.
What we don’t hear, are cases about the adverse reactions or about the toxic chemicals being injected into us.

Read below:

11 reasons why flu shots are more dangerous than the flu itself.

1. The flu shot actually makes you sick to begin with
Have you ever noticed how vaccinated children get sick almost immediately following a vaccination? This is because the flu virus is introduced into their bodies. So rather than immunize, the flu shot actually only sensitizes the body against the virus. And the fact that it causes individuals to get ill following a shot indicates immuno-suppression (i.e. lowering of the immunity).

2. Flu vaccines contain other dangerous ingredients such as mercury
The pharmaceutical industry, medical experts and the mainstream media are candid in telling us that flu vaccines contain strains of the flu virus. What they are less likely to reveal though is the long list of other ingredients that come with the vaccine. It is now a known fact that flu vaccines contain mercury, a heavy metal known to be hazardous for human health. Mercury toxicity can cause depression, memory loss, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory problems, ADD, oral health problems, digestive imbalances and other serious health issues.

3. The flu shot can cause Alzheimer’s disease
Evidence now suggests that flu vaccines can cause Alzheimer’s disease. Research conducted by Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, a leading immunogeneticist, shows that those who consistently get the flu vaccine increase their risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 10 fold. He believes this is due to the toxic combination of aluminum and mercury in the vaccine. Additionally, introducing the flu virus to an elderly person (who with age will naturally have a weaker immune system) will only increase the chances of that individual becoming susceptible to more serious illness.

4. The very people pushing flu vaccinations are making billions of dollars each year
In August 1999, the Committee on Government Reform initiated an investigation into Federal vaccine policy. This investigation focused on possible conflicts of interest on the part of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The investigation concluded that many individuals serving on two key advisory committees had financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines. Often, these individuals were granted waivers to fully participate in the discussions that led to recommendations on vaccine licensing and adding vaccines to the Childhood Immunization Schedule. This in itself creates serious doubt as to how effective flu vaccines really are.

5. Lack of real evidence that young children even benefit from flu shots
51 studies involving 260,000 children age 6 to 23 months established no evidence that the flu vaccine is any more effective than a placebo. Additionally, flu shots only protect against certain strains of the virus meaning that you can still easily get the flu if you come into contact with a different strain of virus.

6. Makes you more susceptible to pneumonia and other contagious diseases
For someone with an already suppressed immune system, injecting strains of the flu virus can have devastating consequences. If your body is already working to fight off a virus or simply operating with low immunity, a vaccine injection could put your body in serious danger of contracting influenza with stronger symptoms, or even worse pneumonia and other contagious diseases.

7. Vascular disorders
Medical research shows flu shots are associated with an increased risk of vascular inflammation. Symptoms include fever, jaw pain, muscle aches, pain and stiffness in the neck, upper arms, shoulder and hips and headache.

8. Children under the age of 1 are at risk
Children under 1 years of age are highly vulnerable to a neurotoxic breach of the delicate nerve center surrounding the brain and central nervous system. The first round of the flu vaccine is administered at age 6 months. A child under the age of 1 lacks sufficient protection to guard against premature damage to the blood barrier in the brain.

9. Increased risk of narcolepsy
There have been dozens of reported cases of children in 12 different countries who have developed narcolepsy (a chronic sleep disorder) after receiving the flu vaccine. The study, which took place between October 2009 and the December 2011, compared 3.3 million vaccinated Swedes with 2.5 million who were not vaccinated. The risk was found to be highest among the youngest people who took the vaccines. For those under the age of 21, the risk of contracting narcolepsy was three times higher.

10. Weakens immunological responses
There have been literally thousands of medical journal articles published that show injecting vaccines can lead to harmful immunological responses and a host of other infections. Moreover, weak immunological responses only decrease a person’s ability to fight the diseases that the vaccine was supposed to protect against in the first place.

11. Serious neurological disorders
Evidence now suggests that ingredients in flu vaccinations can actually cause serious neurological disorders. In 1976 a significant number of those who received the flu vaccine acquired Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), a disorder characterized by permanent nerve damage and even paralysis. Flu vaccines can contain many harmful materials including detergent, mercury, formaldehyde, and strains of live flu virus.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Money: A Love Story

Kate Northrup's new book Money: A Love Story is the first book I've ever read about money that I could actually relate to! This book is a kind and empowering guide to getting your finances on track. It's full of inspiring stories—including Kate's own of getting into and out of $20,000 of credit card debt—and 29 eye-and heart-opening exercises. Watch this video to learn more about the book.
What I love about this book is Kate’s approach. Sure, there are a zillion books out there that teach you how to set up savings accounts. But Kate nails the root of our money insecurities. She knows that when we truly value ourselves, we can heal our relationship with money, and then spend in a way that lines up with who we are at our core

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Reasons Why I Do Not Plan
on getting Getting Mammograms

American College of Physicians warns women in their  40s about dangers of mammograms
The American College of Physicians has recommended women in their 40s consult with their doctors before undergoing routine annual mammography screening. An expert panel from the American College of Physicians (ACP), which represents 120,000 internists, made this recommendation in the April 3 issue of the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

After reviewing 117 studies conducted between 1966 and 2005, the panel found the data on mammography screening for women in their 40s are so unclear that the effectiveness of reducing breast cancer death could be either 15% or “… nearly zero.”

The dangers of mammography are recognized in the medical field. According to Dr. Samuel Epstein of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, “Screening mammography poses significant and cumulative risks of breast cancer for pre-menopausal women.” (Consider getting the book "The Breast Cancer Prevention Program" by Samuel S. Epstein, MD and David Steinman)

The routine practice of taking four films of each breast annually results in approximately 1 rad (radiation absorbed dose) exposure, about 1,000 times greater than that from a chest x-ray. The pre-menopausal breast is highly sensitive to radiation, each 1 rad exposure increasing breast cancer risk by about 1%, with a cumulative 10% increased risk for each breast over a decade’s screening. These risks are even greater for younger women subject to “baseline screening.”

The Nordic Cochrane Centre in Denmark found that
mammograms may harm 10 times as many women as they help

The researchers examined the benefits and negative effects of seven breast cancer screening programs on 500,000 women in the United States, Canada, Scotland and Sweden. The study’s authors found that for every 2,000 women who received mammograms over a 10-year period, only one would have her life prolonged, but 10 would endure unnecessary and potentially harmful treatments. 

However, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) breast screening program – which provides free mammograms for women over the age of 50 every three years – cited different statistics in defending its program. An NHS statement said the Department of Health’s advisory committee on breast cancer screening had conducted its own evaluation of the program, and found that screening prolonged the lives of five women out of every 2,000 over a 10-year period.

Mammograms cause breast cancer
Cells damaged by the radiation can become “pre-cancerous”. In addition, the high radiation (1-10 rads depending upon the exam) burns tissue as all direct radiation does. If any neurotoxins present interact with burnt or damaged breast tissue, a tumor can begin to form. The neurotoxins first inhibit the body’s ability to fight off tumor formation and the unacceptable radiation dosages finish the job. Since mammographic screening was introduced, the incidence of a form of breast cancer called ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS ) has increased by 328%. 

Mammography can also help spread existing cancer cells due to the considerable pressure placed on the woman’s breast during the procedure
According to some health practitioners, this compression could cause existing cancer cells to metastasize from the breast site. Research has also found a gene, called oncogene AC that is extremely sensitive to even small doses of radiation. A significant percentage of women in the United States have this gene, which could increase their risk of mammography-induced cancer. They estimate that 10,000 AC carriers will die of breast cancer this year due to mammography.

The risk of radiation is higher among younger women
The NCI (National Cancer Institute) released evidence that, among women under 35, mammography could cause 75 cases of breast cancer for every 15 it identifies. Another Canadian study found a 52% increase in breast cancer mortality in young women given annual mammograms. 

Is there an alternative to mammography?
Yes, but it’s not just “alternative technology.” High-resolution Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is fast becoming accepted mainstream technology, thanks to the discoveries of the North Carolina Institute of Technology (NCIT), a privately funded research center.

Thermal imaging (thermography) provides a safe, simple, painless, and relatively inexpensive way to identify developing breast cancer 10 years earlier than mammography. (Google "thermography" along with your ZIP code as a way of finding places in your area. Also, a health food store may have free magazines that contain ads for places that do thermography.)

Why does the American Cancer Society continue to dance to the drumbeat of mammograms, and pretend that thermal imaging is experimental?
The ACS has had a long standing indifference and even a hostility towards truly effective cancer prevention. Their charter mandates that they disband once cancer is no longer an epidemic. The very high salaries of those at the top of the ACS provide no incentive to disseminating information that can truly help reduce the likelihood of cancer. Telling the truth about mammography and thermography is just one example.

Don's comments:
Since thermography screening causes no cancer cells and has been found to be a more effective screening technique than mammography, and since its adoption by practitioners is now more widespread than ever, why are we not hearing about this on the evening news and in public service announcements from the American Cancer Society? (I think you can guess why.) So the second wisest thing to do regarding cancer is to find a place that does thermography screening, and the wisest thing to do is to stop doing the things that cause cancer in the first place, and start doing that things that support the body's efforts at preventing cancerous cells from becoming "cancer" as we know it today. These things can be found in the articles section of this website.

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Mammograms Cause False Positives

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A 5-Minute Meditation

By Rebecca Rosen 
This isn’t always easy to do. Like most people, I can easily get caught up in my head, and this clouds my vision — my ability to see and also feel, hear and know the truth. Maybe you’ve had this experience, too, where the noise in your head only serves to confuse a situation? In my new book, Awaken the Spirit Within: 10 Steps to Ignite Your Life and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose, I write about how in order to put the people, circumstances and events of our lives in true perspective, we need to quiet our minds and turn inward for clarity and purposeful direction forward. 

We’re all wired differently, so the act of “turning inward” may look very different for you than it does for me. Still, I suggest meditation for everyone. It’s the most direct route I know for getting out of the head and into the heart. While the act of meditation is fairly simple — close your eyes and focus on your breath — it can be helpful to use guided imagery. 

Try the following 5-Minute Quick Forces of Nature Meditation to quiet your mind so that you can begin to see more clearly the best direction forward for your life. 

You can do this meditation anywhere, so long as you’re able to put the “back in five minutes” sign on your head. I often meditate in bed at the start of the day, while sitting in my parked car before heading into the office, during my lunch break, or in the evening as I relax on the couch or enjoy a hot bath. The only consideration is to choose a location and a point during the day where you can sit still and undisturbed for five minutes … and then begin. 

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Take a few slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Mentally set the intention to release all negative noise and mind-inspired banter with each exhalation of your breath. With each breath in, welcome calm, cool thoughts. 

Imagine that you’re lying down in the middle of a vast, beautiful field on a bright, sunny day. The field extends for miles all around you and for as far as you can see are wild flowers and blades of bright green grass. Feel the ground underneath you and allow gravity to pull the weight of your body deep down into the earth. 

As you continue to breathe, visualize a stream of liquid white light, as bright at the sun, pouring down from the clouds above and in through the top of your head. Let it wash away any racing thoughts or negative noise you may have swirling around. With each slow and steady breath, allow the liquid light to fill every corner of your mind until you feel still, quiet and calm. 

Imagine now, a gentle breeze blows across your body and moves the stream of light down through your throat and into your heart. Visualize a pool of white light filling up your heart. Feel it wash away any feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness, pain or fear. As these feelings are washed gently away, your heart begins to glow and grow with brilliant white light. As you continue to breathe, the light that’s pooled in your heart moves down into your belly, releasing any tension you hold there. It then travels down into your pelvis, breaking up and dissolving all negativity or pain you may be carrying between your hips. 

On your next breath, the flow of white light drops down into the base of your spine, sending sparks in every direction. Finally, the light extends down through your legs and runs out through the soles of your feet. Imagine that it carries with it any and all negative thoughts or feelings that have gotten stuck within your body. As you continue to breathe, the light slowly drains out of your body and sinks into the earth. 

Imagine now that you stand up in the middle of the field. Notice as you slowly begin to walk forward that you feel lighter, brighter, more joyful and free, and that you’re actually radiating white light. A halo of light extends several feet out and in every direction around you. As you move through the rest of your day, know that as you continue to radiate pure light, you will positively influence everyone you come into contact with, and also, you’ll be protected from any dark feelings or thoughts that try to return.

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Garden harvest & update 10/25/13

 10/25/13 - today's harvest...dino kale, red Russian kale, Curled Scotch kale
 10/25/13 - not a whole lot to do today...took out all those now dead flowers, the 2 sweet pepper plants and the habanero plant. I forgot to take an after shot! I also cleared up all the all that's left are the 3 kale piles, which shall go once they die out...until them I shall enjoy them to the bitter (cold) end.
 10/25/13 - I should have picked all the green chillies! All shriveled and unsalvageable now...but not a problem, harvested plenty:)
 10/25/13 - Curled Scotch kale still beautiful as ever:) I mean that literally...frost killed any bugs around it
 10/25/13 - Red Russian kale also doing great...just lacking moisture! Haven't been by in awhile, and no recent rain
 10/25/13 - spiders I bid you adieu! 
10/25/13 - and shall not miss you! If I've learned anything from my garden it was that if there's a dark place to hide ASSUME there is a spider there...because there probably is

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sweet Potato & Cinnamon Muffin

1 box of OneEarth Sweet Potato & Cinnamon muffin mix
3 eggs
1/2 cup of coconut oil

Preheat oven to 325 F. 
Mix together the muffin mix, 3 eggs, oil and banana.
scoop into muffin tin, and bake for 18-25 minutes...until done


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3 Romantic Relationship Downfalls

The 3 Biggest Downfalls Of Romantic Relationships & How To Avoid Them
By Ally Hamilton
We have some crazy ideas about romantic love in our culture. Wanting to feel seen, heard and understood by at least one person in this world is a natural and beautiful longing. Connection is really where it's at, and of course that doesn't have to happen in the context of romantic partnership. Nonetheless, that seems to be the quest of many, and also the place where people tend to tap into their most raw and vulnerable places. 

And for those who believe the story ends and the happily-ever-after begins once that special someone is found, reality can be a rude awakening. The beginning of the story is almost always beautiful, heady and exciting, just like it looks in the movies. But when the hormones die down and the dust clears, it's really easy to get derailed and crash into a brick wall, wondering what happened to your fairy tale. The fairy tale takes nurturing and effort. 

Here are some ideas to keep your romance alive and your connection deep, whether your relationship is new, or you've been with your partner for years: 
1. You can't save people, but you can love them.
Nowhere is a person's "stuff" more likely to show up than in an intimate relationship. Closeness requires vulnerability, and for some people, tearing down those walls can be very scary. Protecting your heart may be something you've needed to do, but if you want someone to really know you, you're going to have to stand there, naked. With all your beauty and all your pain. 

Because if you edit stuff out, or push things down, you'll understand in your heart your partner doesn't really know you. If you want to be seen, you have to be willing to show yourself. And in order to create something healthy with someone else, you really need to know yourself, too. 

Otherwise how can you articulate what's true for you? What lights you up, or scares you, what you need or want in your heart of hearts? And how can you be accountable when your stuff comes up, which it will? 

The ability to recognize what is yours is vital so you can apologize when you need to, so you can explain yourself clearly, so you can work on those areas that may be holding you back, that's one of the huge gifts of relationship. That's the path to true intimacy. 

You can't save anyone, but you can create a safe space together to work on becoming your best selves if you're willing to make the space between you sacred and full of love, patience and forgiveness. 

2. Everyone is changing all the time, so there's never a reason to get bored.
Did you know one in three traffic accidents happen a mile from a person's house? You could argue that this is because people drive around their own neighborhoods more than anywhere else, but many studies that suggest a person feels a false sense of security in their own 'hood. 

Many people do this in relationships. I know this person, I've been with them for years, so I don't really need to sit up and take notice. 
Here's the thing: Your partner is changing all the time, just as you are. You are not the same you you were five years ago, one year ago, or even last week, and neither is your partner. 

Do you remember how you felt when you met your love? I'm sure you thought they were amazing. Special, kind. You probably noticed things like their hands or their smile or the way they looked at you. It's so easy to stop noticing. 

I have a blog and I also stream yoga videos online, and as a result, I get countless emails from people who write in complaining about their partners. If only they'd change, everything would be wonderful. 
Really? Because it's easy to focus on someone's faults, just like it's easy to focus on our own. 

You can't change your partner, but you can change what you're doing. Are you taking them for granted? Could you do something thoughtful and unexpected today, just because? That's a tangible way you can shift the energy between you, and you might inspire your partner to surprise you in unexpected ways. 

3. Listen with your heart.
Infatuation is easy, intimacy is hard. In the middle of a disagreement, so many people wait for their turn to speak, instead of really listening to their partner. Years of history can bubble to the surface in an instant. 

The need to be right can be deafening and blinding, and sometimes people dig their heels in so deeply there's no hope for honest communication. As if it's a fight, and their partner is their opponent, and the object is to win. 

But a relationship is not a game, and there are no winners when you and the person you love are in pain. You protect your ego, or you protect the relationship. If you want to truly love, that requires your vulnerability, and it takes guts to be naked like that. 

So many people confuse love with control and manipulation. But love is about acceptance and a celebration. That doesn't mean there won't be things to work on, because of course there will. It just means that you see people as they are, and you accept them and celebrate them, while also loving yourself.
If you keep nurturing a real connection, doing those things simultaneously, that is, loving your partner and also making sure you're honoring yourself will be natural. 

There's so much beauty in true partnership, but it takes effort. For whatever reason, that part doesn't get covered in the fairy tales or the romantic comedies.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Top 10 causes of breast cancer
Since chemotherapy was invented by Nazi scientists 70 years ago, and mammograms expose patients to radiation which causes cancer itself, let us forget everything we know for a few minutes about cancer prevention and cancer treatment, and take a common sense approach to this monster that's killing over 750,000 people a year in the United States alone. Western politics of toxic food and worthless medicine have besieged a 75-year-old scam on U.S. citizens, and the candle is burning at both ends. There IS A MIRACLE CURE for cancer, but it doesn't involve surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, pharmaceuticals, or any advice you would get from mainstream medicine doctors.

Did you know that not one single medical school in the United States of America includes any classes on nutrition or natural remedies? Did you also know that 75 percent of physicians in the world refuse chemotherapy for themselves?

Organic food, herbs and supplements cannot cure cancer overnight. This is a well known fact. Or is it? Has your doctor brainwashed you? Has television convinced you that people with cancer need surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to have a chance? Turn off the television right now and throw away the newspaper. You've been herded with the masses towards a big cliff called disease. You can turn around 180 degrees right now!

Cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated, alkalized body, but it thrives in an acid-heavy environment where synthetic foods, drinks, lotions, deodorants, cosmetics, and drugs suffocate cells and weaken the immune system. (

Most organic food and products have a reputation for being too expensive to purchase regularly, but what is a hundred times more expensive than organic products is the bill for chemical cancer treatments and invasive surgery, which don't even cure cancer, but send you to an early grave. Yes, there are a few instances where people wait too long to address cancer, and "last minute" ditch efforts to "cut and burn" the cancer away might work, but this is only proving true for about five percent of cancer victims, so it's time to address the top 10 "causes" before the "effect" becomes your early death.

Top 10 causes of breast cancer revealed

1. Hormones in meats and milk: Most cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and farm-raised fish are given artificial hormones to make them either bigger, meatier, or produce unnatural amounts of milk or eggs at an unnatural frequency. ( This causes infections, depression, cancer, and other diseases in the very animals you are putting in your mouth regularly. Get your protein from Superfoods like spirulina and chlorella and reverse the damage.

2. Mammograms, dental x-rays and airport TSA screening machines: Did the x-ray technician forget to tell you to pull that deflector flap over your chest before running out of the room to escape the deadly cancer rays? Why are you getting an exam that causes cancer in order to check for cancer anyway? Did the dentist and dental hygienist reassure you their new digital x-ray is so safe that you can get them every other visit, just before they dove out of the room to escape the cancer breeding rays? Do you dare walk through that unregulated, unmeasured amount of cancer causing x-rays at the airport, or have you even been told you can opt out and get a harmless pat-down? (

3. Aluminum in antiperspirants and deodorants: Did you know that most breast cancer tumors originate in the upper quadrant of the breast closest to the armpit, where you apply that aluminum and all those "smell-fresh" chemicals that block in sweat and poisons your body is trying to eliminate? Look for aluminum-free, organic deodorant. Stop using antiperspirants and reverse the damage. (

4. Toxic makeup/cosmetics: The skin is the largest organ. You are most likely applying petroleum and coal tar right on top of your largest organ, which absorbs it all and sends it rushing through your bloodstream, infecting other organs that are trying so hard to filter out toxins from food and water. Your dermatologist also lives in a three story house and owns a few sports cars and won't be telling you much about parabens and phthalates. Start buying organic cosmetics and reverse the damage you've done. (

5. GMO Soy and Corn: Most soy in America is genetically modified (GMO), processed, and causes extreme health detriment. Do you drink soy milk? Switch to almond or rice milk right away. Why? Soybeans contain haemagglutinin, a clot promoting substance that causes red blood cells to clump together. Plus, soy consumption increases estrogen. Add that to the artificial hormones from meat and rBGH milk and you can stop wondering how breast tumors originate. Remove soy and corn-based processed foods from your diet and reverse the damage.

6. Artificial sweeteners: Aspartame would have never been legal if Ronald Reagan didn't fire the head of the FDA and put Donald Rumsfeld's right hand man in place to approve it. The pharmaceutical industry has made a fortune off this cancer causing fake sugar criminal. Nearly every chewing gum, breath mint, liquid medicine, and diet food contain either Aspartame, Sucralose, or Sorbitol, which are all artificial and breed cancer cells. The Splenda, NutraSweet and Equal "craze" is just the front end of chemotherapy treatment. Use sugar in the raw and exercise, and you can reverse the damage. (

7. Fluoridated water: No, it's not the naturally occurring mineral in nature that's running through your pipes. No, it doesn't prevent tooth decay, it promotes it. No, it doesn't clean the water, it pollutes it with a toxic chemical that leaches minerals from your body and breaks down the immune system. Fluoridated water fuels breast cancer. Drink spring water and reverse the damage. (

8. Pharmaceuticals: Big pharma wants you sick and dying so you can't collect social security or use Medicare or Medicaid. Visit your Naturopathic doctor and get some advice on nutrition as prevention and the cure for breast cancer. (

9. Food coloring agents and preservatives: Nearly every artificial food coloring and dye is a chemical cooked up in a laboratory. Food preservatives like sodium benzoate, BHT and BHA strangulate your cells and breed cancer cells. Use colorful organic fruits and vegetables to brighten up your plate and make it beautiful. (

10. Soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and lotions (including sun tan and sun block): Again, what you apply to your skin, scalp, teeth and gums does penetrate and enter your blood stream. Perfumes, dyes, artificial sweeteners, animal by-products, and just about any ingredient you cannot pronounce is probably a chemical that causes cancer. (

The media and your "quack" doctors lie about cancer

Would physicians and oncologists live in three story houses, take extravagant vacations, and drive Jaguars and Mercedes if they simply told you what causes cancer and sent you to the organic food depot to cure it? Have you ever watched shows like "The Doctors" or have you "marched for the cure" with some pink-ribbon group, and then wondered why their sponsors include Kentucky Fried Chicken or diet drinks, or the advertisements are for dangerous drugs like Cymbalta or Celebrex?

Cancer attacks every other man and every third woman in the United States, so don't think for one second that genetics or bad luck are going to strike you down like lightning one day, and you can say, "Well, everybody dies sometime." Knowledge is a gift that once you have it, nobody can take away from you. This information is a life-saving gift and you can put it to use for yourself, your family, and your friends. You can live way past 40, or 60 or 80 years of age, without dying some slow, painful, "God-forsaken" death. You can live to be 110 and still be dancing around your house, juicing vegetables and visiting with your great grandchildren. (

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How Plants May Help Stop Cancerous Tumors

About a third of common cancers may be prevented by eating a healthy, plant-based diet; being physically active; and maintaining a healthy weight. One of the ways plants may help is by cutting off the supply lines to cancerous tumors.
A tumor cannot grow without a blood supply. Currently, it is believed that a tumor mass cannot exist in a volume greater than about the size of the ball at the tip of a ballpoint pen without a proper blood supply. This indicates that angiogenesis, the creation of new blood vessels, is critical to tumor growth.

Each one of us has cancer cells in us right now. By age 70, for example, microscopic cancers are detected in the thyroid glands of virtually everyone. Most of these tumors never cause problems or become clinically significant, leading to the concept of “cancer without disease” as a normal state during aging. Cancer cells are commonly present in the body, but they can’t grow into tumors any bigger than that tiny dot size–no more than 10 million cancer cells–before needing to get hooked up to a blood supply. One way cancer turns on the tap is silencing certain tumor suppressor genes. How do you turn them back on? See, for example, Apple Skin: Peeling Back Cancer.

Another way tumors commandeer a blood supply is by diabolically releasing angiogenic factors, chemicals that cause new blood vessels to sprout into the tumor. The most important one is called vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). But we can suppress VEGF with veggies.

Many of the phytonutrients we know and love in tea, spices, fruit, berries, broccoli, and beans can block cancer’s stimulation of new blood vessels. They’re ideal for prophylactic long-term use against breast cancer because of their reliability, availability, safety, and affordable price. This review concludes that we now have convincing evidence that dietary plant constituents possess the unique ability to affect tumor angiogenesis, which may be deemed advantageous in the prevention and treatment of human breast cancer and other tumors.

Most of these studies have only been done in a petri dish, though. You stimulate human blood vessel cells and they start forming tubular structures trying to make new capillaries to feed the tumor. This tube formation can be substantially blocked by adding add plant compounds such as apigen or luteolin, found throughout the plant kingdom in foods such as citrus, celery, and peppers. If you click on the above video, you can see the effect of fisitin, a phytonutrient found in strawberries, shrinking the beginnings of new blood vessel formation right down. How else can strawberries smack on the cancer kibosh? See Strawberries versus Esophageal Cancer and Cancer Fighting Berries.

Where do researchers get their hands on human blood vessels? They get them from discarded umbilical cords or, more controversially, from the eyes of aborted fetuses. But either way, you can stimulate blood vessel formation with the tumor compound VEGF and then abolish that effect with plant compounds. Therefore, the daily consumption of natural foods containing adequate flavonoids could be beneficial for the prevention of cancer metastasis or could improve cancer prognosis. Given the power of plants, one might speculate that the foundation of an anti-angiogenic approach to cancer might be a whole food vegan diet.
Because we all likely have cancer cells inside us, Cancer Prevention and Treatment May Be the Same Thing. To die with cancer rather than from cancer, we need to slow down cancer doubling time. Check out one of my oldie-but-goodie videos Slowing the Growth of Cancer.

The cancer-promoting growth hormone IGF-1 is another angiogenic factor, helping tumors turn on the gravy train. This may be another reason plant-based diets protect against cancer, since as few as two weeks on a healthy diet can lower IGF-1 levels. If you’re interested, check out my video series on the elegant experiments that discovered this:

In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Teeccino, America's #1 Coffee Alternative, is roasted and ground to brew and taste just like coffee. Coffee lovers desire Teeccino's nutritious health benefits with its natural energy boost.

  • Coffee drinkers blend Teeccino with coffee to reduce caffeine and acidity or drink Teeccino in the afternoon and evening.
  • People who are motivated by health to quit coffee kick the caffeine habit with Teeccino.
  • Kids love Teeccino as a healthy alternative to caffeinated drinks like coffee and hot chocolate.

 I'm personally not a coffee drinker but love Teeccino! They remind me a lot of the raw chocolate ball desserts I make:) Ingredients they share are carob, almonds and dates.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Conscious box - Gluten Free

October Conscious Box 2013 - Gluten-Free

How Does Conscious Box work?

Conscious Box is the best way to discover the most ethical and sustainable products on the planet! Focusing on strict tenets of organic, fair trade, and pure and natural products, each month Conscious Box will introduce you to healthy and honest alternatives for every aspect of your life and for every member of your family. Discover the best natural products, earn points for leaving feedback and reviews, and buy your favorites at incredible discounts!

  • Get a variety of unique pure & natural products every month!
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Waxelene All Natural Petroleum Jelly Alternative
Waxelene All Natural Petroleum Jelly Alternative
Drop the old petroleum jelly and go with something more natural. Organic Soy oil, Beeswax, natural vitamin E, and organic rosemary oil makes this a healthy, nourishing moisturizer and base for everything from dry skin to make up. No petroleum, not greasy, completely biodegradable and free of animal testing.
100% Free Range Chicken Poop Lip Balm
100% Free Range Chicken Poop Lip Balm
Don’t let the name throw you. This incredible lip moisturizer is made from high quality ingredients like avocado oil, jojoba, sweet orange, beeswax, and lavender. Smooth and therapeutic, this will soon be your new favorite. Contains no poop.
Eat Green Tea 100% Organic Green Tea
Eat Green Tea 100% Organic Green Tea
Antioxidants are important. But ask yourself, what would you rather do: drink thirty cups of tea or get the same number of antioxidants in one serving? With just one packet of Eat Green Tea's 100% organic edible green tea, you'll provide your body with a healthy serving of antioxidants. Just sprinkle one packet a day on your food or into your favorite drink, and you're all set!
Allimax 100% Allicin Capsules
Allimax 100% Allicin Capsules
Fight bacterial, fungal, and viral infections with Allimax 100% Allicin Capsules made from fresh, raw garlic. The amino acid alliin, found in garlic, is tremendously beneficial to human health and well-being, and has even been proven to combat and treat the common cold. Support your body's natural defenses with a natural boost!
Vintage Tradition Body Balm
Vintage Tradition Body Balm
Moisturize and hydrate your whole body with this chemical-free body balm. You can rest assured that it's made from all pure ingredients like tallow from 100% grass-fed cows, extra virgin olive oil and organic essential oils.
The Honest Company Honest Shampoo + Body Wash
The Honest Company Honest Shampoo + Body Wash
How about an all in one organic shampoo and body wash? Not only does this one have a sweet orange vanilla scent but it is also made from moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, chamomile and aloe to provide you with a soothing and all natural shower experience!
Lotus Moon Vitamin B Hydrating Gel Facial Moisturizer
Lotus Moon Vitamin B Hydrating Gel Facial Moisturizer
Moisturize dry and chapped skin this winter with this natural hydrating facial gel. It's combination of aloe vera juice, avocado oil and essential oils will leave you soothed and refreshed.
FruitsMax Whole Food Supplement
FruitsMax Whole Food Supplement
Get in your daily dose of fruits with this all-natural artificial sweetener-free whole food supplement. It's an easy way to get the benefits of 21 fruits plus L. Acdiophilus probiotics.
Goddess Garden Organics Tangerine Lavender Daily Lotion
Goddess Garden Organics Tangerine Lavender Daily Lotion
Choose a daily lotion that is mineral-based, mostly organic and fortified with SPF 15. This water resistant non-GMO lotion also has a seriously rejuvenating tangerine lavender scent.
Seventh Generation Natural Skin Serum and Body Lotion
Seventh Generation Natural Skin Serum and Body Lotion
Moisturize and nourish your skin with pure ingredients using Seventh Generation's gentle natural skin serum. Follow up with the accompanying lotion for a full-fledged skin care experience.
Global Wellness Naturally Skin Cream
Global Wellness Naturally Skin Cream
This great organic anti-aging cream is filled with fantastic all-natural ingredients like organic rose hip seed oil and organic green tea extract. Use it to shrink oversized pores, even skin tone and combat free radicals and photo aging.
Good Boy Organics Organicasaurus
Good Boy Organics Organicasaurus
Swap out your Cheetos for these tasty baked corn cheddar cheese crunchies. These organic, non-GMO, gluten-free dinos make the perfect midday crunchy snack.
Primavera Life Intensive Seed Oil Capsules
Primavera Life Intensive Seed Oil Capsules
Revitalize and hydrate your skin with this luxurious organic mix of Neroli, Cassis and Rose Hip oil.
YogaAnne Calm Essential Oil Blend
YogaAnne Calm Essential Oil Blend
Use this soothing essential oil blend to compliment the special stress-reducing yoga flow designed for you at With this set, you'll also receive a free month of YogaAnne so you can learn 8-minute yoga flows you'll be able to fit into your busy day.
Biobag Biodegradable, Compostable Dog Waste Bags
Biobag Biodegradable, Compostable Dog Waste Bags
Say farewell to pet waste woes. Biobag brings us this completely biodegradable, earth-friendly pet waste bag, perfect for your furry companion. No four legged friend? It also serves as an excellent bag to collect kitchen waste. Goodbye plastic!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Garden update & harvest 10/18/13

 10/18/13 - Clean up time! 2 overflowing wheel barrows full
 10/18/13 - I got all the tomatoes, raspberry bushes and Swiss chard cleared
 10/18/13 - I decided to leave in the flowers for the critters, they're still pretty...and the dino kale is still doing ok
 10/18/13 - tomatoes cleared, and swiss chard...but the roots were like giant turnips! way too solid to pull out...for another day
 10/18/13 - 2 of the pepper plants looked too good to yank out...still so many small peppers still growing
 10/18/13 - my curly kale and Red Russian kale still as full as they get to stay as long as they last
 10/18/13 - I harvested a ton of swiss chard...for the leaves that weren't nice I just took the stems, and some more green tomatoes
10/18/13 - Swiss chard, all chopped up and ready to freeze...great for stir fries and soups