My Wood burning Art

or those who know me, know my love for art, drawing in particular.  
I haven't done a lot of new drawings in the past couple years, but then decided to tackle something new to get myself back into art.
I started my new hobby pyrography (wood-burning), on 2/20/12.
It takes a lot more time than drawing would take me (considering I need to draw on the wood before the hrs it takes to do the actual burning), but always worth it at the end:) It really helps that I enjoy the process...however portraits do tend to stress me out a little because of the need to look exactly like the person, and burning wood has quite a permanent element to it compared to a pencil.

I've left space on each piece to personalize them with text at a later date in case anyone is interested in purchasing any that are available, and will stain them as a finishing touch.  

You can click this link to visit my art gallery page, or the image below to go directly to the wood burning images:) 

Visit my Etsy Store for purchasing Custom Wood burning art:   

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