Thursday, June 15, 2017

Garden update 6/15/17

 6/15/17 -  After four days of severe storms my cucumbers were destroyed!
  6/15/17 - All my tomatoes did great though!
  6/15/17 - Basil beginning to sprout up
  6/15/17 -  Today's harvest of strawberries
  6/13/17 - Two day's earlier harvested my first belly full of strawberries
 6/13/17 -Perfect size to sprinkle on salads!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Garden update 6/5/17

 6/5/17 - I decided to put a weed cover after planting the cucumbers so they don't get dirty when the rest on the ground. I left space where I planted some lettuce seeds.
  6/5/17 - I then covered the kale seeds I planted so the soil doesn't dry out so quickly in the super hot weather we're getting for the next week. 
  6/5/17 - I planted just the curly kale to keep it simple, it's what I eat the most and it's very hardy into the winter.
 6/5/17 - I planted a few more basil seeds in the middle between the tomato plants, as there was a lot of room.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Garden update 6/3/17

 6/3/17 - I should have knows I couldn't keep out of my garden!  I guess I changed my mind in using my big space.  I don't have a garden set up in my back yard yet, so I decided to make use of my plot space and make the time to water after my gym time...and pray for night rain! I ended up buying and transplating 6 different kinds of tomatoes, with a total of 7 tomato plants. I then planted basil next to it. A garden favorite of mine.  
 6/3/17 - This is day three of my cucumber plants in the garden. They are getting white leaves, as they usually do early on because I didn't really give them time to harden off...but I'm sure they'll be fine!

6/3/17 - I am a little nervous about how my plants with do. Usually I do so much to prep the soil! This year I have no amendments in the soil...I didn't even til it! Just weeded and covered them, thinking I wasn't going to use it. 
6/3/17 - I also planted some stuff in pots. The green long pot is full of celantro, the small cups have curly kale that I'll transplant to my garden, the orange bit rount pot has basil seeds and the other large round pot has lettuce.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Garden update 6/1/17

 6/1/17 - Today I decided my cucumbers needed to be in the ground now, and not wait much longer for me to get my yard garden going.
  6/1/17 -I transplanted 9 cucumbers
 6/1/17 - I don't think I'll plant much else this season. Maybe some lettuce and basil in the remaining space by the cucumbers.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Garden update 5/28/17 & 5/30/17

5/28/17 -
I didn't  tend to my garden this season because all my time was spent with my new puppy! My new obsession. With all the rain early in the spring I didn't have the time to come and clear out my garden, so when I finally did, I looked at it in horror and decided it was time to give it up. I had already paid for the season, but I thought I'd give it up for someone else to take care of and take over for a free season.
 5/28/17 - But leaving a mess just isn't me!  So I came back to weed it out. I spent two hours in the afternoon of my birthday pulling out all the weeds in my garden that accumulated from last fall!  Great start of the day ^_^
5/30/17 - A couple days later I came back to cover it so no new weeds grow this summer. I left the strawberry bed uncovered and moved the strawberries that flowed onto the path and started to grow there, then put them in the bare spot, so hopefully they survive and take root. My plan is for them to fill out the plot.  
 5/30/17 - So now I'll hold on to the plot all summer so I can harvest all the amazing little strawberries that have already started to grow! 
 5/30/17 - Maybe if it keeps well I'll hold on to it until I have more time to do more with it. My plan is to start a smaller 10' x 5' garden in my back yard, so we'll see how that goes ^_^

Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Aloe family

2/26/17 - My crazy Aloe family! I don't think I've ever seen such a lengthy Aloe.
We welcome baby Aloe. Her mama is the basketball player sized Aloe.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Find Your Perfect Dog Breed

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After taking the fun little quiz to find out the perfectly-matched dog for me, I wasn't surprised to get the Shi-Tzu. Seven months ago I adopted the most amazing little Mi-Ki dog, a rare toy breed sized dog that fit my lifestyle and living arangements perfectly. It's a newer breed that actually has a lot of Shi-Tzu in it, 25% for my little girl.

If you can't find the perfect dog for you, and compatible with your lifestyle and accommodations, at a shelter, which I will always recommend first, I highly recommend taking the little quiz to discover a breed that will suit you best and a great place to find that pup to take home is on where you can then be directed to a reputable breeder ( No Puppy Mill Promise ) to find the puppy waiting to join your family. Like walking through a shelter you will want to take them all home, but take some time to discover the pup meant for you. They all deserve to be loved!