Monday, July 24, 2017

Home Garden 7/24/17

 7/24/17 - After many harvests, the basil in the outside pots are flourishing!
 7/24/17 - Cilantro nice and full! A few harvests were taken
 7/24/17 - Hmm fresh lettuce
 7/24/17 - As well as they do in the screened porch, the plants in the outside pots are doing even better due to more sun, I presume, and the morning due
7/24/17 - Loving my supply of basil at home ^_^

Garden update 7/24/17

 7/24/17 - Garden enjoyed some good rain
 7/24/17 - Cucumber plants of all sizes after having to replant all seeds except one...clearly the one on the right. A total of about 9 plants! I planted some in odd spots that ended up growing after they were thinned out.
 7/24/17 - Tomatoes on their way to ripening up
 7/24/17 - A mix of spreading strawberry plants, a surviving lettuce seed, and transplanted extra cucumber plant!
 7/24/17 - this little lettuce seed survived so I let it continue to grow after weeding out and covering the rest. Finally no more weeding this patch every time I visit my garden!
 7/24/17 - Strawberry patch looking full and beautiful! Bursting at the seams, but I have no desire to cut off the spread.
 7/24/17 - Basil in place of the tomato that didn't make can never have too many basil plants ^_^
 7/24/17 - Hmm some beautiful tomatoes
 7/24/17 - Basil plants getting pretty tall under the bug cover
 7/24/17 - It was time for the cover to be removed, finally they can get some full sun, and hopefully no bugs.
7/24/17 - It's not a 100% full garden this year, but I love it all the same ^_^

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Garden update 7/15/17

 7/15/17 - Cucumbers doing great! I really do need to put a weed cover over the small area in front of it!
 7/15/17 - Tomatoes and basil doing great too!
 7/15/17 - One of my favorite things in the garden is fresh basil!
 7/15/17 - can't wait for the tomatoes to ripen!
 7/15/17 - these cherry tomatoes are getting quite big!
 7/15/17 - This little one didn't quite make it...but it's ok, I bought two of this variety, and the remaining six are growing fabulously!
 7/15/17 - Mmm some of the basils really taking off in the garden. Probably the great access to sunlight
 7/15/17 - The plants under the cover, may be time to take the cover off soon.
 7/15/17 - My one surviving kale!
 7/15/17 - Kale and basil
 7/15/17 - weeded out the front, and strawberry plants in the back are reviving for the second harvest in a couple of months
7/15/17 - I'm so happy I decided to do a garden this year...after thinking I wouldn't at the beginning of the season

Monday, July 3, 2017

Garden update 7/3/17

 7/3/17 - I transplanted 5 curly kale and several basil sprouts
 7/3/17 - All tomatoes but one are doing great!
 7/3/17 - All cucumber seeds sprouted and doing well!
  7/3/17 - After the storms, one cucumber was growing off to the side in the first hole. I'm still not 100% sure it's a cucumber, the leaves are getting awfully big!
  7/3/17 - Tomatoes and basil :)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Greenhouse update 6/29/17

 6/29/17 - Indoor plants sprouting well!
  6/29/17 - Indoor basil
 6/29/17 - Indoor cilantro

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Garden update 6/15/17

 6/15/17 -  After four days of severe storms my cucumbers were destroyed!
  6/15/17 - All my tomatoes did great though!
  6/15/17 - Basil beginning to sprout up
  6/15/17 -  Today's harvest of strawberries
  6/13/17 - Two day's earlier harvested my first belly full of strawberries
 6/13/17 -Perfect size to sprinkle on salads!