Thursday, April 17, 2014

Barefoot running 
Running barefoot takes some getting used to when we're used to running in sneakers. It's important to conduct good form.  With a slight lean of the upper body imagine your pinky toe making first contact with the ground, followed by your big toe and finally kissing the heel to the ground. These mechanics are exaggerated to make a point. The experience feels more like a mid-foot strike where you feel the ground with your sole, making sure not to heel strike while keeping the body fluid and relaxed. It's easier to execute good form in a light jog. After you get the hang of this walking with good form becomes more natural.

 Whether you run in Vibram minimalist shoes (above) or Earthrunning sandals (below) you have more contact and feel for the ground than wearing sneakers. Your toes are also more free giving you a whole new experience. Not to mention strengthening different muscles in your foot and improving balance.
I have gone running in these several times now and they are amazing! It feels like your barely wearing anything on your feet. Running on grass is more comfortable, but on the sidewalk works well too once you get the hang of the new style of running. The benefits of running with these over the virbram shoes include the fact that you are connected with the Earth, giving yourself an even more beneficial experience, and your toes are even more free. Depending on which ones you run with you have a varied minimal feel to the ground, with the max feel with the Circadians and more cushion from feeling the ground with the Quantums. The only downside is that dust and tiny rocks (if running on grass and dirt) does get inside. I found myself a few times pause to get the sand out from under my feet...which wasn't a big deal at all, I often take little breaks while running. All in all, for a healthy jog I give these a 10:)