Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies
Let Food be your medicine your Food

Hiccups- To stop hiccups, Dr. Oz recommends tickling the roof of your mouth stimulates the vagus nerve, which interrupts the spasm of the diaphragm, also known as hiccupping. Dr. Mercola recommends this easy tactic: As you drink a full glass of water, ask someone to close off your ear canal by holding down the tragus) the small pointed eminence of your external ear that’s found in front of the concha) of your ear. This will banish your annoying hiccups immediately.

Bruising- Can be treated either by smearing arnica onto the affected area or by applying an ice pack, home style, such as a bag of frozen peas.

Digestion problems and acid reflux- Licorice is a great home remedy. 

Effective Steam inhalation- You can add dried or fresh herbs or herbal oils, such as peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary.

Constipation- Fiber such as Flaxseed which is a supplementary source of fiber, but you should be careful to take it with large amounts of water so as to avoid complications.

Colds- Studies have indeed shown that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Ear infections- use fresh garlic to kill ear infection pain within about 15 minutes, and clear up the infection completely in about 48 hrs. 1st cut a small tube, or plug shape piece of fresh garlic bulb, wrap that piece in tissue, place the wrapped garlic into the ear canal. Don't shove it down in there deeply, you just want it resting in the opening like an ear plug. It's best to do this right before bed, and leave the garlic in the ear all night. It will likely fall out sometime during the night, but it should stay in there for at least a few hours. Or put a few small drops of warmed garlic oil into the infected ear.

Motion Sickness- Ginger, traditionally used to relieve nausea, works for motion sickness. Make ginger tea by steeping a small amount of fresh ginger in hot water for 30 seconds to a few minutes. It’s very potent, so taste it every 30 seconds until you reach your desired flavor. You can also finely dice half a teaspoon of fresh ginger and swallow it.
The University of Maryland Medical Center also recommends peppermint and black horehound to cure motion sickness. These are available either as dried extracts (capsule, powder, or tea) or as liquid extracts or tinctures. 

Eczema- Applying a saltwater compress helps relieve itchy eczema areas. Dr. Mercola recommends using high-quality natural salt, like Himalayan salt. Optimally hydrating your skin also helps. Instead of using skin creams, hydrate your skin from the inside out by increasing the high-quality, animal-based omega-3 fats in your diet.
Food allergies also have an enormous effect on eczema. Avoid common food allergens like wheat, gluten, pasteurized milk, and factory-farmed eggs. Optimizing your vitamin D levels can also help relieve eczema and other skin problems like psoriasis. You can get vitamin D through appropriate sun exposure but make sure you don’t get sunburned. Vitamin D3 supplementation is also an option.

Acne Scars- First cleans skin then rub a slice of potato over skin. Rinse after and do this daily until scars disappear. Also doing the same with Lemon works wonders to even out your skin, lighten sun spots, freckles and acne scars...while toning, healing, exfoliating and clearing skin. 

Sore Throat and Upper Respiratory Infections- Again, Dr. Mercola recommends optimizing your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D has an important role for your immune system function. This is why during the winter season when there is almost no sunlight, upper respiratory infections such as colds and flu become widespread.

Another interesting remedy for colds and flu is using hydrogen peroxide. Administer a few drops of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into one ear. You will feel a bubbling and a slight stinging sensation, but after five to ten minutes, these will subside. Drain the peroxide onto a tissue, and repeat with the other ear.
For sore throat, Dr. Mercola recommends using raw, unprocessed organic honey.

Mosquito bites- Moisten the area and rub salt on bite area-people say it stops itching immediately. Onion- A freshly cut onion, quickly applied to a sting will prevent swelling and redness, and  stop the pain. Onions have anti-microbial properties- even good for blemishes. Onions absorb bacteria and odors. People even cut onions and leave them out in rooms where people are sick, to naturally absorb all the virus. Witch hazel and water- Or witch hazel and baking soda. Make a paste and apply to bite. Apple code vinegar- Rub Apple Cider Vinegar directly onto bites. Tea tree oil and Aloe Vera- Mix the two together and cover the bite area. The mixture will soothe bug bites, rashes and help prevent infection. 

Combat eye puffiness- A skin care advice video about under eye puffiness. 
He shows a fun facial massage for puffiness caused by stress, allergies and some medications. He also shows the cucumber treatment for puffiness caused by water retention, toxins, and other environmental stressors.  Basically placing anything cool on your eyes for about 15 minutes or so while you relax and de-stress will help with eye puffiness...slightly thawed frozen cucumber is a great option to fit around your eyes.  And I recommend doing the facial massage he demonstrated with a drop of Sea Buckthorn seed oil. Sea Buckthorn Berry Seed Oil makes for great skin conditioning and repairing.

Skin Toner- To make your own skin toner at home, mix one part Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with 2 parts green tea made with purified or distilled water. Either put it in a spray bottle or a bottle to use a cotton swab.  This toner helps fight acne as well as tones your skin to make your pores appear smaller. A much better alternatice to an alcohol based toner that has a drying effect on your skin, stripping your skin of it's healthy natural oils.  I make mine with mint green tea.

Strep Throat
This bacterial infection can cause an itchy, irritated sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. To help alleviate the pain that comes with strep, gargle with a sage, salt and lemon concoction. Mix 1 teaspoon of salt with juice from half a lemon and a half-cup of sage tea. The sage slows the growth of bacteria while the salt and lemon reduces the irritation and soothes your throat.

Urinary Tract Infection
UTIs are a common infection caused by bacteria entering the urethra. The main symptom is an uncomfortable burning sensation while urinating. Pineapples contain the enzyme bromelain. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the symptoms and pain of urinary tract infections.

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Healing Foods and Supplements

Coconut oil- is truly the healthiest oil you can consume. It is rich in lauric acid, which is known for being antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, and contains no trans fat (even olive oil has some trans fat and its health benefits destroyed by heating). You can even use it on your skin to help prevent wrinkles.  I use coconut oil for all cooking & skin moisturizer, and olive oil for salads (also an option for skin moisturizer if you don't like the smell of coconut which is very subtle).  Both oils absorb in your skin and do not leave you looking oily.

Ubiquinol- 100mg/day - More commonly known to be taken as CoQ10 which by itself is ubiquinone.  But to benefit from the form of the nutrient needed to produce cellular energy and help you reduce the typical signs of aging, your body must convert the ubiquinone to ubiquinol.  If you are over 40yrs old your body declined in the ability to make this transformation.   I currently take Doctor’s Best High Absorption CoQ10.

L-Arginine- 1000mg/day – For cardiovascular support.  Also found in foods that contain protein like Salmon, chicken, oatmeal, chickpeas, walnuts and milk (raw from health grass fed cows…not pasteurized).   Dr. Joe offers a natural supplement to slowly release L-Arginine into your body throughout the day.

Nutmeg-  stomach soother (sprinkle into oatmeal or coffee).  Sleep promoter (add a dash to milk). Libido lifter (add a pinch to sauteed spinach).  No more than 1/2 tsp. 

Antibiotic Alternatives: Four Herbs to Know

The following plant medicines are very effective choices in helping us avoid pharmaceutical antibiotics. Along with many other botanicals, these have been used to fight infections for thousands of years. Dr. Oz  sees them work every day in his own practice. They have proven to be quite safe when used in the short term at standard dosage. When used in conjunction with the aforementioned health recommendations, these can be valuable allies to keep in your natural medicine cabinet.

Goldenseal (Hydrastis): Hailing from the northwest United States, goldenseal is a potent antibiotic, well known to help treat sore throats as well as digestive infections which can cause diarrhea. The Native Americans taught us that goldenseal has the ability to soothe the linings of the mucous membranes of the respiratory, digestive and genitourinary tracts while effectively clearing bacterial invasion. A few drops locally can stop a sore throat in its tracks.

Oregon Grape (Berberis aquifolium): Also from the Northwest, Oregon grape contains a substance known as berberine, which can stop bacteria from adhering to the walls of the intestine and urinary tract. When used as a tea, it is a wonderful way to wash away urinary tract infections; it can be used in dried capsules or liquid tincture to treat digestive tract conditions like infectious diarrhea.

Andrographis paniculata: This Asian herb with thousands of years of traditional use is now being proven through modern research as being able to disrupt the quorum-sensing system of bacteria. This system helps bacteria attach to each other and thrive as a community. Andrographis basically helps break up the bacterial “party.” As a result, it is beneficial to treat symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections and sinus problems. Numerous studies report its ability to reduce upper respiratory infection symptoms, such as fatigue, sore throat, cough and headache.

Manuka honey: The sweetness of Manuka honey is already being used in hospitals in protocols for wound care. You can place the honey directly on gauze and cover the wound. Typically, the bandage is replaced three times a day. Although studies show most honey has antibacterial activity, manuka honey seems to be especially potent due to a compound called methylglyoxal. In fact, studies have confirmed its activity against a wide range of medically important bacteria, including MRSA.

Note: Always be safe- A naturopathic doctor or holistic physician well-versed in botanicals can help you decide which herb is appropriate or when a drug is needed.
To truly slow and eventually reverse antibiotic resistance, it will require us to stop using antibiotics unnecessarily on an individual level and as a world community by ceasing the use of antibiotics as growth enhancers in animal feed. 

A powerful potent Anti-Inflammatory Tea shared on Dr. Oz (not for the faint of heart)
Will boost your energy and wake up your senses!
About a few shakes of each powder ingredient added to a tea pot of hot water

·         2 green tea bags
·         2 while tea bags
·         Cumin
·         Curry
·         Turmeric
·         Cayenne Pepper
·         Black Pepper
·         Cinnamon
·         Ginger
·         Paprika

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