Core Teachings of Teal Swan (Scott): The Spiritual Catalyst 

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Spirituality is individual.  It is beyond human imposed worldview and is not limited by any religious institution. Religion, however, is an institutional practice of spirituality.  It is composed of human beings, invented by human beings, and influenced by cultural views.

"You can not have a life, you can not lose a life… you are life. It is you who holds the power to decide yourself back onto the path you intended, the path of welcoming and of becoming one with your own personal definition of bliss. 
The power that you hold in life does not lie in what cards you have been dealt in this life, but instead in how you play them. Your life can be a tragedy in spite of every advantage.
Your life can be a triumph in spite of any kind of adversity. Your freedom lies in the fact that it is your choice which way you create your life to be." -Teal Scott-

You are in control of your own reality.  Your life is a direct result of what you manifest into it.  Being aware of this will give you back the power to direct your life in the way you want it to go.  But there are important key components in actually manifesting what it is you truly want (the things that make you genuinely happy). You attract things that are a direct match to your vibration.

1) To focus on what you appreciate instead of what you lack is the most important part of the process of manifesting what you want in your life.
Appreciation is basically looking around your environment, your life and yourself and noticing the things that feel good to look at. 
Appreciation is the exact vibration of Love. 

 A great way to keep yourself in this vibration of appreciation is to keep a gratitude journal and write in it first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed.  It forces you to reflect on things you are appreciative of that you don't normally focus on. By doing this your focus shifts from one of lack to abundance. It intensify the vibration of abundance which you will manifest into your life.

2) It's also important to quit downplaying the role that the mind plays in reality. Visualization is super important...10 times more important than action.  You can never make up for in action that you lack in focus. 
Visualize what it is you want to have in your reality to such degree that you have a hard time remembering where you're coming back to after visualizing, to feel it as though you already have it in your life with every detail focused upon.   

3) Shift your relationship with the Universe to one where you no longer feel the Universe is trying to deny you of what it is you truly want.  To a focus where the Universe is always offering blessings to you and offering you abundance.  Really trusting and letting go of the believe that you don't deserve. 

You need to get yourself into the exact vibration of that of which you want.  The more you focus on things that feel good, the more you are in line with the vibrations that will manifest to you what you desire. So, do things that feel good! It's really that simple. You don't want to be focusing on things that don't make you feel good. Don't focus on wanting to get rid of debt. Your focus there is "debt". Focus on abundance, on always having enough and more to be happy...whether you have it yet or not, keep that focus.  Don't strengthen the focus of "debt".  That is a feeling that doesn't not feel good, having abundance does feel good.  Surround yourself with the feeling that you already have what you want. 
Don't focus on your need...that reflects "lack".  When you shift your focus from need into appreciation, those things will begin to manifest.

It helps to use the phrases I AM, in affirmation. Such as "I am healthy", "I am calm" I have abundance" etc.  Use it in meditations, write it down.  

However while manifesting and using affirmations, they need to make you feel good, without resistance. If you write down "I love myself", and it gives you a feeling that you are lying to yourself you aren't aligning with the vibration of love for yourself and therefore it makes you more aware of the fact that you don't love yourself. This then becomes a detrimental affirmation. In this case take baby steps. In this example say "I am a good listener". If that is something you believe and makes you feel super good to think, it's an affirmation that can lead you up to eventually saying the words "I love myself" and actually having that feel good to say and manifesting it into your life.  To be happy it is very important to conquer self love. 

Energy flows when the attention goes.

If we resist anything, that very focus goes on that thing we resist.  Example in a situation harboring the focus of “I don’t want to get hurt I don’t want to get hurt” The universe doesn’t hear the word “don’t want” it hears though focus, the focus here is “getting hurt” in this example, which is what we are manifesting into our existence.  Instead focus on resisting “getting hurt” focus on “I am safe and healthy” and feel that good thought and allow it to make you feel happy to match you to that vibration.    

The Universe does not care what your words are or what your actions are; it only cares what your focus and thoughts are.  If your thoughts are on something that doesn’t feels good (like get hurt) that will intensify, if your thoughts are placed on something that feels good (being safe and healthy), that’s going to intensify and manifest into your existence.

Remember Appreciation is the exact vibration of love.

To focus on what you appreciate instead of what you lack is the most important part of the process of manifesting what you want.


Embrace where you are.  You are exactly where are meant to be at this very moment.  It is the foundation of getting to where you want to be.
Move into a space of allowing and love, and remove yourself from a space of resistance.


  1. Very breath taking words, & so true facts, your doing great on this beautiful blog Anita, you spend so much time on it, like if it's your private Journal of your life, I love your health ideas & web blog very much!

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