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My Health Tips
~these are some health tips I live by and suggest to stay healthy
Get a Healthy dose of Sunshine and Fresh Air every day...
While being grounded!
Being grounded means being connected to the Earth...either by standing, sitting, or laying on the grass, rocks (includes cement pavements), dirt, the ocean, does not include wooden decks, tarmac, painted surfaces...Or walking with non-conductive shoes (most shoes...rubber soles etc).  You get the benefits from the negative-charged free electrons abundantly present on the surface of the Earth conducted by making a direct connection.  Your body immediately equalizes to the same electric energy level, or potential as the Earth.  This defuses the cause of inflammation, and improves or eliminates the symptoms of many inflammation-related disorders. It reduces or eliminates chronic pain, increases energy, lowers stress, improves blood pressure and flow, relieves muscles tension and headaches, dramatically speeds healing, reduces or eliminates jet lag, protects the body against EMFs (electro Magnetic Fields...which we are flooded with these days)...the benefits are endless!  The Earth offers Free healing that not many people know about!  So my gift to you today is to teach you about Earthing.  For more details look for my future blogs about Earthing and being Grounded (outdoors and In). Or simple google the topic and studies that pretty much became more prominent after 2000. There is even a huge barefoot movement .

Now some MUST See Videos 
You won't find the truth about these things through the media and big companies who sell it to us for profit! It's quite sickening to learn the extent they go to in order to suppress the true dangers to the public, or what they do to anyone else who actively try to expose the truth.  None of the videos below should be left their entirety. The media, telling us something is safe, is "not" proof.  Watch the videos below to get the actual scientific proof that the dangers have been suppressed and ignored.

The Beautiful Truth

Fascinated, Garrett embarks in this documentary on a cross-country road trip to investigate The Gerson Therapy. He meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal how it is in the best interest of the multi-billion dollar medical industry to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures.  Yes...curing cancer, something pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know is's even illegal for someone to say "this and that cures cancer".  This video also shows the proof of mercury released in amalgam (silver...really mostly mercury fillings) the actual filmed testing. It discusses MSG and Fluoride and of course cured cancer patients. It also shows the difference between a raw organic fruit and vegetables and lightly steamed ones! The test screen shows you how live foods (raw foods) differ with Visible proof.  Also terminal cancer patients recover Proof! Not just word of mouth, medical proof.   

Fluoride: The Bizarre History - Full Documentary

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock -- Excitotoxins [MSG, Aspartame]

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Mercury, Autism And The Global Vaccine Agenda

Shocking Testimony About Vaccines


Fully Restore Your Health By Using Natural Health Principles
You absolutely can restore your health when your body is detoxified of poisons (detoxification), you replace chemicalized food (synthetic food) with natural food (organic food), you employ the principles of correct diet (healthy eating), you give your body maximum nutrition (supplements or better yet superfoods), your muscles are activated (exercise), your energy flow is increased (chi energy), your immune system is strengthened and your organs are encouraged to repair themselves (natural medicine), you don't poison your mouth (holistic dentistry), you buy products designed for healthy living (while grocery shopping), and you "live naturally" every day ^_^

Random Health Tips

·         Brush your teeth twice a day.  I don’t recommend toothpaste with Fluoride or SLS or Glycerin if possible.  I use Coral White which if free from all three ingredients and inexpensive much like tooth powders which is another great option that I will try soon.  Also Dr. Mercola has a healthy natural toothpaste but it's a little more expensive (great interview on the site though). Along with brushing, floss at least once a day...more if needed.  If only once, make it in the evening to get rid of all the food in your teeth gathered throughout the day. Use a tongue scraper, you will be amazed what you got off it, it will keep your breath fresh and your teeth healthier! When brushing your teeth go in and up and down motion, not sideways! This is because your teeth have a natural grain to it that go up and down, so over time you wear out your teeth by brushing against its natural grain (your dentist should tell you this). Check out my Natural Remedies for a 6 step natural teeth regimen by Daniel Vitalis.

·         If you smoke…stop- no butts about it.  One human life is ended in every eight seconds because of tobacco use.  More than 50 cancer causing chemical compounds are found in the cigarette smoke and 11 of it are known to be in group carcinogens.  You're harming yourself And the people you smoke around. Don't be selfish or self abusive.

·         Don’t forget to drink plenty of clean water. Oh so important. We can live without food for a week but not without water…that should tell you something.  It helps to hydrate the skin and remove impurities from the body.  I drink a full glass of water with half of a lemon’s juice before and after bedtime every day which is a great detoxifying way to get in some of your daily recommended water amount. A lemon a day keeps the toxin’s away!  Click here to see how your state water rates.  Minneapolis, MN just made it on the 10 top best list:)

·         If possible avoid synthetic medicines and antibiotics- Antibiotics don’t only kill bad bacteria but they kill good bacteria too…which only leads to More health issues!  There are alternatives, even more effective ones out there minus the side effects, such as healing natural oils, herbs, homeopathic medicine, diet (yes foods).  Did you know allicin (from garlic) is a natural antibiotic, but it won’t kill the good bacteria in your body! Click Here for a great article by Dr. Ben Kim.  Same goes for anti-bacterial soaps!Do your won research on the harms of exposing yourself to unnatural antibiotics.

·         Do squats and heal lifts while you brush your teeth and floss- You will get about a 4 minute workout twice a day with no time taken out from your day. A great tip for any waiting period...watching food on the stove? do some stretches!

·         A lot of people sit at a computer all day (guilty) – to avoid eye strain and serious sight issues down the road, look away from your computer screen every 20 minutes and focus on a distant object for 20 seconds.  I learned this tip yrs ago, but I’m still working really hard on remembering to do this!

·         Use a headset for your cell phone, or speaker phone and do not carry it against your body.  New studies have shown shocking amounts of radiation exposure through cell phones.  Thankfully my current phone was rated the 2nd lowest from the phones tested provided by AT&T.  One less thing for me to change (as beat up as my phone currently is).  Another alternative is to use speaker phone when possible or a cord.  Cell phones omit more radiation when carried on your body than when in's constantly reconnecting to cell towers.  So guys and girls you don’t want that in your pocket area now do you. Read more here and I Highly recommend watching the 2 part video at the bottom of that site (it's enough to scare anyone into switch to speaker phone or hands free devices...and don't expose your kids to cell phones because they absorb much more radiation than adults do!)-

·         Radon is a serious lung cancer risk in your home, no less than cigarette smoking.  Click here to learn more to see if you should test your home for radon.  Radon is estimated to cause many thousands of deaths each year.  In fact, the Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today.

·         Shop on this Health tip is for your finances. You can find thousands of brand new items and it’s always cheaper on amazon than the original stores for the brand of product. Basically compare prices before purchasing anything anywhere.  My favorite part about, apart from the already low prices, is their Subscribe & Save program that offers an extra 15% off and free shipping on items I routinely use and keeps them coming every one, two, three, or six months depending on what I set my delivery schedule to, and I cancel at any time.   

However a new source for Exceptional Wholesale Source for Organic, Vegan Superfoods & Essential Transitional Products is Earth Shift Products.  I have compared all the products I have found to theirs and they have the best value And price.  Since it's at wholesale prices you 'always save 30-70% off market retail prices.
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Food Health Tips

·         Always filter your drinking water- Did you know the process of water fluoridation is banned in some countries due to its harmful effects.  Fluoride can be one of the most volatile and active harmful chemicals in the body. Sadly carbon filters don’t remove fluoride, but Ion Exchange Filters, Reverse Acinous Filters and Distillers do.  However a carbon filter like a Brita water filter cartridge does reduces chlorine and chlorine compounds as well as other undesirable flavors that may be present in tap water. Heavy metals in tap water, such as lead and copper that can be caused by household plumbing pipes, are also reduced. I purchased my Ion Exchange filter from amazon with free shipping. At Earth Shift Products you can also find a whole house water filtration system that is cheaper than anywhere else I have seen, along with a shower dechlorinater etc.

·         Use BPA-Free containers/bottles for food and never microwave food in a plastic container- Plastics with BPA release chemicals in your food and it releases a higher dose of chemical into your food when heating it up than it does when used for storage.  Better yet, use glass when possible.  As far as spoons and such go, opt for wood if it's an option.

·         Buy Organic if possible- we don’t often think about it unless we are aware, but pesticides are such a common poison that we ingest in fruits and vegetables when they’re not organically grown.  Not to mention many studies show that nutrients are much higher in organic grown foods. They even taste better! If that gets too expensive, grow your own food!  An even better cheaper option...but does take more effort.

·         Avoid overdoing salt and sugar in excess- I recommend eliminating refined sugars and MSG completely- they’re more damaging to your health than I’m sure you are aware of.  Get rid of MSG!  So important, I guarantee you don't know half the dangers of MSG, that has been kept from the public. What is scary is the fact that it poses under alternative names as well, so educate yourself on the different names used to conceal the fact that a product has MSG in it...such as yeast extract. Switch to Himalayan Crystal salt. It's usually pink in color and the taste is actually preferred by most, me included! It has 84+ minerals unlike table salt that has none.  So this is something you want to Add to your diet.  As for sugar, there are plenty of other alternatives.  For hot beverages I love to use organic palm sugar, for desserts with texture I like to use dates, and other raw sweet dishes that need a liquid sweetener I like to use raw agave (sparingly). Stevia is also a great calorie free healthy option.

·         Cut soda out of your diet- that definitely includes diet soda...more so in fact that regular sodas.  Not only is the sugar extremely damaging to your health but by switching to water or unsweetened tea, if you drink soda regularly and now stop, you'll drop about five pounds in a year.  That pretty much goes for all sugary drinks.  There is nothing nutritious about a soda, nada, ziltch...but it can do a lot of damage to your overall health and wellbeing. I would actually recommend excluding all sugary juices and drinks.  Personally I only drink fresh squeezed fruit juices. 

·         Switch to Whole Grains-  It's no secret that whole grains are healthier than refined grains, that strip out the nutrients. The fiber, trace minerals, iron and complex carbohydrates found in whole grains fuel the body and help you feel full longer. While most of us have no problem eating whole grain bread, we need to think about other grains we eat as well. Make the switch to whole grain breakfast cereal, pasta and rice etc. I personally have taken out gluten from my diet, but there are so many wonderful healthy grains.  Increase the nutrition by sprouting them. 

·         Eat fruits and vegetables- they are the best source of antioxidants, which repair our damaged cells.  This is a great skin health tip as well. There are lots of ways to make fruit and veggies yummy! Smoothies and colorful salads being my favorite. Best to have it raw. Lightly steamed is the second best option.

·         Sleep in a good position to avoid neck and backache- You can watch this video for a short rundown about the best possitions to sleep in for your health. 

Skin Health Tips

·         Try to use natural and organic products for your skin- products that contain natural ingredients and herbs that are good for skin, whereas products with chemical ingredients can be harmful to not only your skin but your overall health.   I personally favor olive oil and coconut oil for my skin.  For my face wash I use local raw honey...the crystals (before they melt) act as a wonderful exfoliater, and the honey disinfects your skin naturally leaving it super soft.

·         Get sunlight daily for Vitamin D. Use sunscreen for prolonged sun exposure in strong sunlight (if out more than 15 minutes, or depending on the darkness of your skin determining how much sun you need). Choose one that is natural and healthy. You NEED daily sunlight for vitamin don't reject the sun 100%...get your sun exposure responsibly!   When choosing a sunscreen, make sure it is Paraben free and uses Zinc for the healthiest option.   Make note your skin does not absorb Vitamin D through car windows. 

·         Stress less- Stress not only impacts your mental health but it’s a fact that it damages overall health.  It affects your skin because stressful situations augment the production of Cortisol (a stress hormone and also confuses the collagen production). Some ways to avoid or combat stress can be to plan ahead, get plenty of sleep, take a "timeout" to deep breath, smell something "natural" and calming, listen to music, take up yoga for overall healthy benefit.  Meditation and deep breathing are on the top of the list too.  I practice yoga, deep breathing, and find a quiet, peaceful, beautiful place with fresh air where I can be grounded and quiet my mind. It's amazing what a few minutes of quiet can do for you.   I particularly love rocks because bugs in the grass, and tickling grass can sometimes be distracting when trying to connect directly to the Earth to stay grounded.

·         Get enough sleep- lack of sleep causes the body to product stress hormones.  It also causes black circles under your eyes and reduced focus.  Your body Needs sleep to regenerate your cells.  Be sure to sleep in a cool and dark place- light exposure reduces the amount of REM sleep (especially Blue light).  And never sleep with make-up on! Be sure that your neck is well supported...don't use high pillows (your spine should be straight to avoid neck and back problems).

·         Exfoliate your skin once a week- It’s great to remove dead skin cells, but over scrubbing your face strips your skin of the natural healthy oils it produces to keep your skin young and healthy.  Much like over washing your hair does. For a healthy home remedy, use epsom salt.

·         Don’t drink alcohol, or if you must, limit alcohol intake- if you drink, do so responsibly and only in moderation. While one glass a day of red wine might help prevent heart disease, remember you still intake the alcohol part that serious health issues are associated with including increased risk of liver disease and some cancers.

·         Take luke-warm showers/baths not smoldering hot.  Prolonged hot water dries out your skin...especially in the winter time, unfortunately, when you want those extra hot long showers! End your shower with cool pater...this closes your pores. End your bath with cool water to close pores and tighten skin.  For a metabolism jump-start shower in Cold water for a few minutes (Amazing metabolism tip that that I can honestly say I'm to sensitive for in our MN winters!)

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