My Musts

Things I can't live without
My Must Have/Do List
Here are a few things and products that have become a part of my every day life and I don't see leaving my life any time soon.  From foods, to regimens, to workouts. 

  • First I always wake up to a glass of lemon juice from half a fresh lemon (first thing I consume). This aids in the morning natural detox your body goes through. The best way to have it is warm, so I often have it with a tea (like Yerba Mate tea) honey, and turmeric for an extra healthy punch. Another alternative is Apple Cider Vinegar water. Although I more often have turmeric at night before bed (last thing I consume).
  • I hope to always continue my workout routine. Currently I do a 20 minute interval run/jog or Stair machine. I change it up slightly.  My 20 minute run/jog entails 1 minute interval of fast and slow, or 30 seconds fast 90 seconds slow. It's an Amazing workout! and it's short and sweet, very doable. Then I end it with 10 minutes of weights (various leg machines and squats for legs and dumbbells for arms).
  • Next some Veggies that I eat pretty much Daily or at least 5 times a week minimum in my meals, either fresh in salads or cooked dishes- Avocado, Tomatoes, Spinach, Cucumber, lettuce, Zucchini, Kale, Red Bell peppers...other favorites I like to have on hand for cooking are Red Onions, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli. I also love Asparagus.
  • Then the essential Fruits to Always have on hand consumed frequently - Oranges, Lemons, Bananas, blueberries, strawberries and bananas...others I love to have but not essential to eat daily due to being seasonal are mangoes, apples, peaches, papaya, grapes and my favorite fruit the Pineapple.  
  • Now for my essential snack (all Organic and Raw)- Cocoa and Carob powder (a must to have on hand to make my home made nutty SuperPowder chocolate balls, sweetened with dates (an essential sweetener for me in desserts) and jam packed with healthy ingredients like coconut oil, coconut milk, almonds, sunflower seeds, maca powder, mucuna powder, lucuma powder, shilajit, deer antler velvet, then rolled in coconut flakes and some filled with frozen banana pieces. For awhile I make a batch every single Monday, and go through it each week (so all those ingredients are on my Must always have in stock list!) Now this one isn't too high on the health chart, but it's my one weakness, Dove Dark chocolate. It's only 60% dark, but in small quantities still packed a healthy dose of antioxidants.
  • Where I get my protein- Always have Organic Hemp powder and Nutritional Yeast, a main ingredient in my cashew nut moc-cheesy sauce that I always have ready made in a jar for use in my raw onion sandwiches, kale chips, veggie topping etc.  Quinoa has also become a staple protein source for me, mushrooms too since I started eating some cooked foods again. Kidney beans (I love to include it in my sandwiches much like a bean dip...also delicious with my raw tomato chips that I dehydrate). Brewers yeast is also a great way to get protein, a whopping 16g for a serving to throw in a smoothie. A new addition to my protein list now that I've learned of it's amazing benefits is Pure gelatin. I use an unsweetened soluble powder to add to a juice, and take after my workouts. Spinach also packs a good punch when it comes to protein and I love big spinach salads.I also get protein from Spirulina/Chlorella tablets that I prefer to swallow than crush to mix in smoothies.
  • Supplements- This list can get long, there are so many amazing essentials I love, some include my daily Glucomannan water I take for fiber and to tame any sugar spike from my breakfast smoothie, then I take a raw vegan organic daily multivitamin, krill oil, Probiotics. Probiotics because it is so essential and I'm not yet a fan of fermented foods to get it from food sources. I am a fan of fruit sweetened kefir though.  Other essentials I take are CoQ10 (protect my telemers), Milk Thistle (to protect my liver). Astaxanthin (an essential to get a good dose). L-Theanine (gives the benefits from green tea), Fenugreek (great for detoxing the liver).
  • Other supplements I have on hand and don't use daily, but use for alternative health remedies- Vitamin C (load up to help cure a lot of things and prevent sickness), Vitamin D spray (for winter months), Melatonin spray (when I really need help sleeping), Active Charcoal pills (when I need a detox from anything ingested or in my a poisonous spider bite, or food poisoning). Echinacea Goldenseal when a bug is going around to boost my immune system. Niacin & Bitter Melon (to detox my body before bed - occasionally)      
  • Other foods- Almond milk is an essential because I do not eat any form of dairy any more, so it's my liquid for my smoothies and chocolate milk drinks or any other dish that requires milk.
  • Spices and Condiments- Himalayan pink salt is a must have, it has 84+ minerals and is pure and untouched by toxins (our body needs salt not to be confused with table salt or MSG). Turmeric, Ginger, cayenne pepper, raw honey.   
  • Nightly Drink- Golden Milk is a must have daily. It includes Turmeric that is a superior health spice to fight off and deminish illnesses as sever are cancer. Turmeric, Ginger powder, pepper, raw honey, Manuka honey, and Betaine.  
What I omit from my diet
  • Dairy products- I use almond milk products and coconut oil
  • Soy products- if consumed, should be fermented for better digestion, so if I was to ever introduce soy in my diet it would be the fermented versions such as miso and tempeh...and I'm not a fan of either.
  • Anything with MSG
  • Anything with High Fructose Syrup or refined sugar
  • Pretty much Anything processed (I make my own foods only from fresh organic products and plan to always do so). If I can help it I avoid all heavily processed foods. 
  • Gluten- I have pretty much omitted anything with Gluten from my diet...wheat products