Saturday, July 5, 2014

Oil pulling

By   Kobi Kenzo
 Allow me to introduce you to the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling. I've been oil pulling for close to a year now, and my dental hygiene is impeccable; my teeth are white, glossy and my gums are a healthier pink color. That’s just the beginning. Oil pulling can also rev up your metabolism and literally wakes you up in the morning. Coffee? What coffee? In the event your wine bottle tips itself into your glass too many times the night before, oil pulling works remarkably well to clear out that fuzzy morning fog.

I personally began oil pulling with coconut oil, because the thought of sesame or sunflower oil swishing in my mouth mortified me! I did this for a few months then decided to try out sesame oil. The difference was amazing; I instantly felt awake, and my teeth were hospital floor squeaky clean. Here's how:

1. Put a tablespoon of oil into your mouth.

2. Start swishing it around while doing the dishes; practicing a yoga pose or doing whatever superparent duties need to get done. In a perfect world, you would be curled up in a Zen meditation pose and focus your energy on pulling. Be present. Do this for 15-20 minutes and make sure you are swishing and pulling the oil all around your mouth.

3. Spit out the pulled oil in the toilet — it should be a milky, watery substance. This means that the oil is pulled and you did it for long enough. If your mouth feels oily after, or the oil was clear, then you didn't pull long enough.

4. Rinse out your mouth with warm salty water (sea salt), and follow up with a good brushing using toothpaste or whatever cleanser you prefer.
Important things you need to know;
  • Always use cold-pressed, unrefined oil.
  • Oil pull on an empty stomach, preferably first thing in the morning.
  • Don’t swallow the oil because it will be filled with very toxic pathogens once pulled.
  • Always spit out the oil in the toilet, since the bacteria may be harmful if spat in the sink.
  • I recommend rinsing out your mouth with warm salty water, then following up with a thorough brushing.
  • ALWAYS brush your teeth immediately after oil pulling.
  • Try to let your toothbrush dry thoroughly before using it again
  • I recommend rotating oils after continued use to get the maximum benefit.
  • Try your best to sit still while pulling, but let’s be real — the kids won’t dress themselves.
There you have it! A simple, affordable and extremely effective method in aiding your body’s natural detoxification systems to do what they do best. Will you gain superpowers after continued use? Probably not, but your smile just may blind the masses! Say cheese!