Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Graden update 7/6/2014

 6/7/2014 - Cossak Pineapple Ground Cherries...harvested several...but they didn't make it home...so sweet!
  6/7/2014 - My lettuce towers! Still very tasty production
  6/7/2014 -Cucumbers doing great! So many ready to harvest...however I forgot to!
  6/7/2014 - Something got to the fruit on this Black Beauty Zucchini plant:(
  6/7/2014 - Garden view from North East
  6/7/2014 - Garden view from South East
  6/7/2014 - 4th row...peppers, Curled Scotch Kale and cucumbers
  6/7/2014 - 2nd row, Chamomile, Dino kale, lettuce, Collard greens and zucchini
 7/6/2014 - 3rd row, tomatoes, sweet peppers, snap peas and basil
 7/6/2014 - 1st row, ground cherries, raspberries, Red Russian kale, Giant Fordhook Swiss Chard and lettuce
 7/6/2014 - Today's harvest, Giant Fordhook Swiss Chard and lettuce
 6/7/2014 - Giant Fordhook Swiss Chard