Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Garden update & Harvest 7/20/14

 7/20/14 -  A big fat Black Beauty zucchini, perfect for shredding or baked dishes
 7/20/14 - I was mistaken! I kept referring to this plant as my Chocolate habanero plant, but I now realize it's my Chinese 5 colored pepper plant! Two more colors popped up ^_^
 Heat (Scoville): 5,000 - 30,000 | Peppers are hot, grow upright, and turn either purple, cream, pale yellow, orange, or red when mature. Plant has green stems with purple markings, green leaves with purple veins, and purple flowers.
  7/20/14 - I believe this one is the chocolate habanero...yet to turn the deep maroon/brown color.
Heat (Scoville): 200,000 - 385,000 | One of hottest of the large-fruited habanero types, 50 times hotter than a Jalapeno! and the favorite pepper in the Caribbean to make barbecue sauces and marinades, with a unique rich flavor unduplicated by any other pepper.
   7/20/14 -  I harvested this guy today
   7/20/14 - And left this Black Beauty zucchini, to be harvested very soon!
 7/20/14 - Tomatoes coming in!
 7/20/14 - Black Beauty Zucchini plant...again very grateful I stuck to just two plants in this spot!
  7/20/14 - Ah my beautiful lettuce towers starting to seed!
  7/20/14 - How cute is this little Christmas tree ^_^ with an explosive star at the top *
 7/20/14 -Yup...waited too long...if you check out my last photo of this Spinach plant it was full of spinach leaves...now it's a lonely stem! Eaten by little critters of some sort! My contribution back to nature:p
 7/20/14 - Pear tomatoes starting to change color! These are yellow pear tomatoes, nice sweet and small bite size tomato
  7/20/14 - Pear tomatoes already abundant, in need of ripening
 7/20/14 -  Today's harvest...Black seeded Simpson lettuce, Red Russian kale, one Blackbeauty zucchini, 4 cucumbers and a few Cossak Pineapple ground cherry tomatoes (several that did not make it for this photo:p)
7/20/14 -  Not the largest, but fattest so far