Thursday, July 17, 2014

Garden update & harvest 7/15/14

   7/15/14 - Front view of Garden
   7/15/14 - Transplanted the peas that I germinated at home:)
 7/15/14 - Ahh my fence blew down with the insanely strong winds we've been getting!
  7/15/14 - Mended the fence with duct tape...may look tacky but so worth it! Does the job
  7/15/14 - The needle sharp stickers are in full bloom from my neighbors garden and pressed up against the plastic and my so glad I put the plastic up!
   7/15/14 - Some garden buddies:)  Grasshopper...never fails to make me jump when it jumps up in front of me! Looks like the wood chips!
   7/15/14 - Ah and lets not forget the spiders! This one was pretty big! I was almost about to wrap it up in the row covers that I disposed of today! Thankfully I spotted it and let it lose in my garden. As much as spiders freak me out I love having them in the garden to eat up other other bugs.
   7/15/14 - Ah not a fan of this...Squash bug eggs. Spend a good amount of time checking each leaf and getting rid of them.  Didn't have the heart to kill the grown ones I found so got rid of them with the weeds!
 7/15/14 -Today just found one full grown squash bug runnin' around.

7/15/14 - They do love squash!
   7/15/14 - Yes another monster zucchini ripe for the pickin!
   7/15/14 - One of the very few spinach plants that produces for me...the rest were eaten all up by garden critters....not that I minded too much.
   7/15/14 - Cucumber plants, doesn't appear too full, but it's given me 11 cucumbers so far, and many yet to come:) Pruned away some of the dead leaves.
   7/15/14 - Most abundant in the Curled Scotch kale...yum!
 7/15/14 - A gardener asked me today what these mysterious plants were lol...they are overgrown lettuce towers! Still yummy, so they get to stay a little longer:p
7/15/14 - A view from the other side
   7/15/14 - Yup these guys again...I can't get enough of them ^_^

7/15/14 - Chocolate habanero pepper
   7/15/14 - Yay for hot peppers growing!  Giant Szegedi Sweet pepper
   7/15/14 -  5 color Chinese pepper
   7/15/14 - White habanero pepper...starting to produce
    7/15/14 -1st Row
     7/15/14 - 2nd Row
     7/15/14 - 3rd Row
     7/15/14 - 4th Row
     7/15/14 - 4th Row
     7/15/14 - 3rd Row
     7/15/14 - 2nd Row
     7/15/14 - 1st Row
    7/15/14 - Today's giant Black Beauty Zucchini