Friday, July 4, 2014

Greenhouse update 7/3/14

 7/3/14 - Aloe Vera plant...apart from brown spots it's doing quite well!
  7/3/14 -  My Aloe Vera is getting too much sun! Poor thing is getting sunburned...I guess I need to move it away from the window so the light it gets isn't so direct. 
  7/3/14 - Ground Cherry plants germinating:) So far just 6 out of the 9
  7/3/14 - 3 out of the 9 snap peas germinated...I'll be planting these in the garden and germinating some more to keep adding to the garden, keeping a constant flow
 7/3/14 - My Touch-Me-Not plants are getting big ^_^ They just make me so happy...they're like a pet how they are so niece and nephew love them. As a child they were my favorite plant, so I got super excited when I found seeds to plant them!