Friday, January 23, 2015

Scientific Proof That We Can Heal Ourselves

In this TEDtalk, Lissa Rankin explores the spiritual and scientific implications that the placebo effect has over us. She discusses how our thoughts powerfully affect our physiology when we believe we can get well.

The placebo effect is concrete evidence that the body has its own innate self repair system.

A study was conducted with 3500 participants who had all been diagnosed with an incurable disease like cancer, HIV, various heart diseases, etc. Through the placebo effect, everyone’s illness had all disappeared without treatment.

Lissa goes on to talk about a specific case about a man named Mr. Wright, who had been given drugs that he truly believed would cure his cancer. Within days his tumors shrunk to half their size!

After a report was released stating the drug didn’t actually work, Mr. Wright’s cancer came back. His doctor sneakily told him that he had a higher quality version of the drug, and injected Mr. Wright with nothing more than water. Again, his tumors went away because he believed they would.

In this TEDtalk, Lissa describes some of the countless occurrences with measurable proof where people actually cure themselves. They grow back hair, heal their ulcers, shrink tumors, and diminish all signs of sickness! Even though this healing is initiated by the mind, the body really reacts.


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! OMG, Anita, this is exactly what I am talking about! I have had experiences that have taught me that we have the power to heal ourselves and this is wisdom the ancients had but today we have forgotten.

    I am very much in the modern technology field. I see how far our modern technology has come and how fast it is moving... hopefully in an upward direction. I see this trend and I think to myself, "If modern technology is evolving how can it help humanity evolve? Is there a more enlightened purpose that we can use modern technology? Is there a connection between technology evolution and human evolution?"

    Last August '14, while I was meditating, I had a revelation! I thought of a way to use the modern advancements in technology for more enlightened purposes and I have been using my skills to develop this idea ever since. At that time, I thought of a way to harness the "placebo effect"...

    Do you mind if I put this TED talk on my blog at some point? I am taking it slow on my blog because I want to illustrate the connection between our material wealth and our spiritual potential. These are seemingly opposing views and I do not want to offend either side-- the materialists vs. spiritualists.

    My goal is to connect the two by using technology to empower ourselves. Use technology to guide, to visualize communication with the brain. Use technology to help people trigger the amygdala and the healing response.

    That is my goal: to use technology to help us flip on the natural self repair mechanisms. To harness the Placebo Effect!

    I see so much I have to read from your blog...

  2. Oh please share the message with as much freedom as you please!

    I think it's so wonderful where your mindset is, and we need more people out there sharing this wonderful message of self empowerment, in all aspects of our lives, with the world!

    Technology definitely exists for a reason, and there is definitely a balance between material and spiritual, and all should be utilized, pleasing both sizes of those who lean towards one side over the other.

    It all starts with the mind...and that is hard for some people to fully accept and therefore utilize at it's full potential on it's some it sounds just too simple, so your goal to link the two to help people reach there is a wonderful goal ^_^