Friday, November 20, 2015

Crochet Blanket 3 - Zig Zag Baby Blue & White

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My 3rd blanket. Like the last one I did I used two solid colors to made a zig sag pattern.
 I made this one 20 chains longer so it was wider than the last. I then used slightly more yarn as well for an overall bigger blanket.
 I noticed once I was done that I must have flipped the blanket in the other direction a little over half way through causing it to lay the other direction and showing up looking different! A good friend of mine suggested I call it a His and Her that's what it is! Her side and his side.

Total time of stitching = 16 hours and 30 minutes
Measurements 62” x 55” (59 rows & 100 chains)
Cost $40 (white $23 & blue $17)

·         8 mm crochet hook or L hook
·         Bernat Blanket Yarn Baby Blue and Vintage White

 Notes - If changing the size of the pattern, the stitch multiples are in sets of 2. If changing the size, it will alter the amount of yarn needed for your project. Every 2 stitches = 1 inch. 


·         Using Bernat Blanket Black, chain 100. DC twice in 4th chain from hook. *skip 1 stitch, 2 dc into next stitch (this forms a group of 2). Repeat * until end. 1 dc in the final chain. Fasten off and turn.

·         Fasten on Vintage White on first dc. Ch 3, skip the next dc and dc twice into the space between the next group of 2. See picture for clarification. * Dc twice in each space between the groups of 2 from the row below. Repeat * until the end. 1 dc in the final stitch. Fasten off and turn. By going between the groups of 2, it causes the stitches to have a zig zag appearance.

·         Fasten on Black on first dc. Repeat Step 2.

·         Continue to repeat Steps 2 – 3 until your afghan is 36″ long. You will run out of yarn by the end.

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