Thursday, December 11, 2014

Top Toxins to Avoid

Toxins to Avoid If Pregnant

 Top Toxins to Avoid Especially If Pregnant
Environmental toxins are everywhere, and pregnant women and their unborn child are especially vulnerable to their pernicious effects. These chemicals do not only come from the environment, but may already be inside your home, car, purse – or worse, on your dinner plate!

The reality is, there are about 75,000 distinct chemicals that are produced here in America or imported from abroad. Many of these toxic agents have not been regulated properly. At this very moment, you may be holding in your hand a chemical cocktail, and your unborn child is especially at risk because of his or her underdeveloped system. 

Don't let the toxins damage your health or that of your baby or any woman you know who's expecting. Check out this infographic, “Top Toxins to Avoid Especially if Pregnant,” to discover the most common toxins that you’re exposed to, as well as where they come from. Share and spread this important information to every parent you know!

When pregnant, you should take extra care with the foods you eat and the chemicals you use in and outside of your home. There are many sources of toxic exposure that may put you, and your unborn baby, in harm's way. If you are expecting a child or know someone who is, share this infographic on the most common environmental toxins that pregnant women should avoid