Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yesterday's Garden Harvest

Yesterday evening I harvested my first Chinese Michihili was massive! The longest leaf was over 2 feet long! A very strange cabbage for sure...but it did taste like cabbage...I tasted the tender inner leaves. 
I also harvested a lot of black seeded lettuce, and my first harvest of some 5 color Swiss chard, and what I call my holy spinach (because I share them with whatever critters love them in my garden...but they're just as tender and wonderful half eaten...I don't mind sharing with the caterpillars. 

 Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce - lots more where this came from
 5 color Swiss Chard - just a few to hold me over
 Bok Choy Pak Choi - at a top angle it looks massive compared to the photo
 a few Bloomsdale Long Standing spinach, and Merlo Nero spinach
 The current monster of my garden, the Chinese Michihili cabbage - was a challenge to wash
 That's what I call one big cabbage - many more in my garden ready for harvest!
 took it apart piece by piece to wash thoroughly - had to use 2 bags, one on both sides to store it
longest leaf was over 2 feet long...the leaf i tasted was wonderful so looking forward to cooking "some" of this up:)

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