Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 23rd Harvest & Garden update

 5 colored Swiss Chard
 In this row I have 6 tomato plants (Cherokee Purple, Pink Bandywine, chocolate cherry and Ananas Noire varieties), and 4 Corno di Toro Rosso Pepper plants
 Blackseed Simpson lettuce (a favorite) and Parris Island coz lettuce (a very nutrient dense lettuce)
 Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach - with the super hot weather we've been getting they started to bolt...but I've gotten so much produce out of these little plants:) in spite of all the garden critters snaking on a good portion
 Curly Scotch Kale (my favorite kind) growing wonderfully! Have yet to harvest some...but I have so much fresh produce yet to use! So letting these grow a little more
 Champion Collards, growing wonderfully as well. I harvested a few leaves today (6/23/)
Here is the Chinese Michihili cabbage that I let really bloomed! Quite a sight
 The last Chinese Michihili cabbage I planted...wasn't sure if it was going to survive, but still growing without flowering yet:)
 Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli It's amazing how they've grown in the garden! I have an extra plant indoors still in case these didn't make it and they are tiny
 Marketmore 76 cucumbers...I was worried about some of the leaves changing color, but the plant as a whole seems to be doing just great:) There are actually 4 plants here...trying to get them to go up the tomato cages that I have in a zig-zag in each nook, 2 in front 2 behind
 Merlo Nero Spinach - another spinach variety...also bolting in the heat, but delicious!
 Purple of Sicily Cauliflower is doing very well...will need to harvest the cos lettuce next to it pretty soon to give it more room!
 Royal Purple Pod bush beans growing quite fast
 Dinosaur kale (also known as Nero di Toscana cabbage) Critters love to eat it...but I'm sure there will be plenty for me to eat when I'm ready to:)
 The first Black Beauty zucchini growing fast! 
 Many more little zucchinis are starting to grow
 One of my favorite plants ^_^ My moon and star watermelon...growing like crazy! 2 plants summer I might need to dedicate a larger space for them
 Harvested - 5 color rainbow Swiss Chard and Fordhook Swiss Chard
 Harvested - both kinds of spinach
 Harvested - a whole Lot of mixed lettuce!
Harvested - for the first time - Champion collards

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