Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 16th Harvest & Garden update

 June 16th harvest - Mixed lettuce, Swiss chard and lots of Black Seeded Simpson lettuce
 2nd Chinese Michihili cabbage...a challenge to clean because of its size!
  2 feet tall! and thicker than the first one
Stripped apart and cleaned well

Garden Pix from 6/16/2012
 little mushrooms growing on a large wood chip that was under a tarp
 Leaf lettuce, head lettuce and Cauliflower

 Carrots - the surviving ones from the large weeds I pulled...planted new seeds in empty spots
 The adopted raspberry push that decided to grow next to my cucumbers and behind my red lettuce
 Planted my tomatoes...currently 5 tomatoes and 4 peppers
 One of my Chinese Michihili cabbages that to see the flowers they produce
 Same with one of my Bok Choy Pak Choi that bolted...before it got bigger than the others
 My Chinese Michihili Cabbage, all ready to be picked and eaten, bent over only because I put the row covers over them along with recent heavy winds
 the Zucchini aisle...with the bok choy in the front and lettuce in the back
 This row was not covered...Chamomile starting to grow in the front, then my dinosaur kale, one with a head start, and 2 others...the big one was enjoyed by some critter that ate most of it...but still some leaves left
 The other end of the row right above, Champion collards, curly kale, cilantro and several rows of spinach
 My adored watermelon plant
 The other watermelon plant - sun washes away the very cool yellow dots (the stars) on the leaves
 Russian Kale, 5 colored and Fordhook Swiss Chard, and bok choy
 Finally getting my marigolds in...roots went a little crazy..I hope they survive transplant!
 A before picture of the marigolds...Just in case
 Very few of them kept their long roots while taking them out
 Row of freshly planted tomatoes and peppers
 back garden view
 Marigolds all in!
 Marigolds went where they could fit...had lots!
 View from the Michihili cabbage
Watermelon bed...they will fill up this whole space in the next coming months!

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