Friday, June 22, 2012

Garden Harvest 6/20/12

June 20th 2012 Harvest
 Harvested 4 more of the Chinese Michihili Cabbages, I left one that looked like it could afford to grow some more before flowering, and left one that bolted like crazy...I'll have to share a picture of it some looked quite alien:p
 Chinese Michihili Cabbage 1- some of the stalks from the bolted one I left, and one that also started to flower that was easier to pick apart in the garden rather than bring it all home
 Chinese Michihili Cabbage 2 - all were different sizes and shapes...this one more full and shorter
 Chinese Michihili Cabbage 3 - this one skinner and longer
 Chinese Michihili Cabbage 4 - This one both full and long
  Harvested the remaining of the Bok Choy Pak Choi - 5 total...2 were quite small and had flowered...too bad I had forgotten my camera! They were quite the sight
Harvested quite a bit of the Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach
 Then went back to my garden an hr later to put in my Pepper cages and harvested some Merlo Nero Spinach
 Took me 2hrs to wash all the Bok Choy, Lettuce, Spinach and Chinese Michihili Cabbage below and bag everything...I always do a very thorough job! First they get the hose outside to get rid of any little bugs that might be in there...then a good rinse in the sink, then a nice soak (and worth it because some dirt still settles in the bucket of water) and a final sink spray per leaf.  I'm not about to crunch into any spiders or juicy caterpillars that both love my garden ^_^
All bagged and ready for delivery...shared a few bags with family...who I hope love it as much as I do! One cabbage has lasted over 3 meals for 3 people. 
 Here was a crazy 2 leafed stalk...I love finding little unique things in my garden
My lettuce salad...the Black Seeded Simpson lettuce on the right is so light and tender!
So I had a big lettuce and Spinach salad for lunch...after a very long morning of handling greens...well worth it ^_^

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