Sunday, May 1, 2016

Greenhouse Update 4/30/16

 4/30/16 - Time to trim the tomatoes
 4/30/16 - Some tomatoes are getting tall, and ready for a trim, others not so tall, but still got a little trim to promote lower growth for stronger plants.
 4/30/16 - Not as much cut off as past years, but this could be due to the types of tomatoes I planted this year, not as many varieties this year as past years.

 4/30/16 - Zucchinis looking great:)
 4/30/16 - They'll go in the garden sometime this week.
 4/30/16 - Looks like a little tomato seed stowed away in the potting soil and decided to germinate!
 4/30/16 - Cucumbers doing well
4/30/16 - Curled Scotch Kale doing great:)
 4/30/16 - Updated greenhouse