Monday, May 9, 2016

Garden Update 5/7/16

 5/7/16 - Transplanted 2 more Zucchinis...I'm ok if one doesn't survive...they take up a lot of room!.
 5/7/16 - Transplanted 6 cucumber...a little earlier than usual, but I think they'll be fine, and I have two spares in case a couple don't make it.
5/7/16 - Row 4 - Four zucchini, 4 surviving Pak choy plants and 2 spots with seeds for 6 total, and 3 surviving Red Russian kale transplants and one spot of seeds for 4 total.
5/7/16 - Row 4 - I transplanted 6cucumbers and hope they all survive!
 5/7/16 - Row 3 -Covered are 3 plants of Dino kale and a spot where i planted seeds for 4 total plants, and some Curled Scotch Kale
 5/7/16 - Row 4 - Rows of lettuce and strawberry patch. None of the lettuce seedlings that I planted on Earth Day survived the dry weather so I planted seeds in all the rows.
 5/7/16 - The regrowth of strawberries are not too bad for the second year! Hopefully I'll get a good harvest this year:)
5/7/16 - Couldn't bare to toss any seedlings! So replaced the strawberries I planted that didn't seem to show any signs or revival with the left over lettuce and onion seedlings.