Monday, May 30, 2016

Garden Update - 5/29/16

 5/29/16 - Row 1 - Swiss Chard, Zucchini, Pak Choy and Red Russian kale
 5/29/16 - Row 2 - Cucumber, three Pak choy transplants, and Tomatoes
 5/29/16 - Row 3 - Dino kale, Curled Scotch kale, Swiss Chard and Tomatoes
 5/29/16 - Row 4 - Lettuce, 5 Colored Chinese Peppers and Strawberries

 5/29/16 - yay strawberries! To bad they were the variety that didn't produce too many plants on one half, but the other variety really filled out in foliage so I'll get a bunch from those later in the season!
 5/29/16 - strawberries!
 5/29/16 - Mmm first thing I ate from my garden this season

 5/29/16 - Tomatoes and the basil has sprouted!
 5/29/16 - Pak Choy (so many of the seeds germinated so I let them stay, just moved them into their own spots) and the Red Russian kale.
 5/29/16 - Red Russian kale always grow the best!
 5/29/16 - Pak Choy
 5/29/16 - Zucchini
5/29/16 - Cucumber and Green onions
 5/29/16 - 2nd Row Swiss Chard
 5/29/16 - 3rd Row Swiss Chard
 5/29/16 - Might have to do some more transfer of the lettuce, and thinning out in some rows
 5/29/16 - Slow start for the Curled Scotch kale...but they outlast all the other plants in the garden til the very end of the season! Looks like little critters already chopped on some of the plant leaves. (They do love young kale!)
 5/29/16 - 3rd Row tomatoes looking good
 5/29/16 - Nice full half of the strawberry bed, lots of new runners grew over the week of rain!