Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Garden Update & Harvest 10/6/14

10/6/14 - Oh my! The wind storms shredded up my fence!
 10/6/14 - Red Russian kale and Raspberry bushes
 10/6/14 - With the recent cold weather the last of the tomato plants ready to exit
 10/6/14 - Peppers are done! Also ready for exit
 10/6/14 - Dino Kale...not quite done...a little holy but lots yet to harvest!
 10/6/14 - Lots of Curled Scotch kale!
 10/6/14 - This little plant turned into a kale tree
 10/6/14 - I was amazed by how dense some of the kale was!
10/6/14 - Filled up a Huge Herberger's sized bag of all three types of kale and collard greens. Going to freeze some this year:) Mmm kale through the winter
 10/6/14 - After kale harvest!
10/6/14 -  Ground cherries look like they're filled with ripe ground cherries but they are frozen and thawed, so a no go...exit time