Friday, June 13, 2014

Mastrad A01900 Purefizz Soda

 A simple kit that you can bring anywhere and fizz up your drink:) Fruit juice, wine, coffee, tea and cocktails, are all fair game for the Mastrad, unlike other soda machines and siphons, whose warranty is voided by using anything besides water. This widely expands the capabilities of what you can make with the Purefizz.   
Available for Purchase on Amazon for $65.99 with free shipping.
The Seltzer Chargers  are also available on Amazon. Prices vary according to how many you want to purchase at a time. I got the pack of 100.
To make soda, a CO2 cartridge is placed with the small part at the top.
 The cartridge is screwed into the carbonation cap.
I  decided to make a diluted orange water/juice
 I squeezed one sweet organic orange
 then topped the rest with chilled clean water...pour until it reaches teh bottom of the funnel
 After a small spike punctures the CO2 cartridge, shaking for around 20 seconds integrates the carbon into the liquid.
  Then, the excess gas is released though a pressure valve on top, (a feature not seen in other siphons).
Then and after a few minutes of settling, the soda is ready to be consumed. If storage is necessary, the Purefizz comes with a storage cap that fits over the carafe for one-vessel production and storage
It was delicious! Finally bubbles are back in my life ^_^