Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Garden update 6/10/14

 6/10/14 - chamomile in full bloom!
 6/10/14 - tomatoes growing at a steady slow pace
 6/10/14 - Raspberry bushes filling out nicely
 6/10/14 - Pineapple Ground Cherries taking their time
 6/10/14 - I guess throwing in a bunch of basil wasn't the best seemed like they all sprouted! Just need one...or 2
 6/10/14 - My lettuce seeds desperate need of some tender loving care...will work on this tomorrow
 6/10/14 - Red Russian kale getting bigger...
 6/10/14 - my favorite lettuce, Black Simpson
 6/10/14 - First year growing a tight compact green cabbage
 6/10/14 - and a tight compact red cabbage
 6/10/14 - yay! The Swiss chard doing better than last year in the spring
 6/10/14 - Nice big leaves already...this time I made sure there was just one plant per hole

6/10/14 - 4th row
 6/10/14 - Snacking on some kale in the garden
 6/10/14 - I'm shocked...but shouldn't be that the Zucchinis are just fine! Even though their stems looked like they were completely chewed up...just like last year.

 6/10/14 - transplanted lettuce ready for some harvesting
 6/10/14 - Curled Scotch kale doing amazing!
 6/10/14 - as expected after returning from a 6 day vacation, the Bok Choi is overgrown...but still ripe for the picking:)
 6/10/14 - chamomile in full bloom!

6/10/14 - It's amazing to think how huge this little plant will get:) The collard green plant. This isn't the Giant variety like last time, so I'm not sure how big it will actually get...but this time I left plenty of room for it!
 6/10/14 - My harvested Bok Choi
 6/10/14 - I harvested all 3...I plan to cook these soon...I still have some frozen from last year!
6/10/14 - All ready to be chopped up and cooked