Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gerden update 5/30/14

 5/30/14 - Giant Szegedi sweet pepper, Mini red bell pepper, Chocolate habanero and Chinese 5 colored hot pepper.
 5/30/14 - Isis Candy cherry tomato and Snow White cherry tomato
 5/30/14 - Under the summer weight fabric cover I water over it and this is how it looks until it dries very shortly after. These are the Bok Choi plants. 
 5/30/14 - Row covers over Curled Scotch kale after watering
 5/30/14 - Row cover over lettuce after watering
 5/30/14 - Row cover over Dino kale, fabric almost dried
 5/30/14 - Chamomile blooming!
 5/30/14 - All tomatoes planted! Several small spots in between the tomatoes, but I have way too many basil plants planted, and a little late to start mini pepper plants. So Still debating what if anything to plant in the spaces.
 5/30/14 - My little garden helper
 5/30/14 - Feeding my babies with nicely filtered well water
 5/30/14 -My Touch-Me-Not plant sprouted 9 plants now! The last 6 sprouted out of nowhere as it got warmer in the room!  Well not out of nowhere, I do have about 90 if not more seeds in there, they just weren't germinating!
5/30/14 -Cilantro doing great ^_^