Thursday, September 8, 2016

Garden Update & Harvest 9/7/16

 9/7/16 - Garden update - So much rain! No time to come clean up. Just quick harvests. Mosquitoes were so bad that I wished I had a bee suit on!
 9/7/16 - Basil blows me away every time. I harvest as much as I can, and when I return there's twice as much, and the leaves are twice as big. Love it ^_^
 9/7/16 - Plenty of basil! Tomatoes are mostly cracked from the abundance of rain, but there are a few salvageable ones yet.
 9/7/16 - Lots of amazing Swiss Chard to pick...really need to do some clean up...but the bugs were just too bad to stay there a second longer past harvesting.
 9/7/16 - Today's harvest - overfloweing bowl of basil, 2 large tomatoes and cherry tomatoes
9/7/16 - Today's harvest - Swiss Chard, Curled Scotch kale and Red Russian kale