Thursday, September 1, 2016

Binky's Grooming - Dog Grooming

Grooming is a big part of Binky's day, as she has long hair, that will keep growing, and need trimming.  I brush her at least two times a day. In the morning and evening, and right after outside time, to make sure I brush away any pollen, dirt and whatever she picks up from outside, after a good wipe-down. 
Binky is still very young, only 4 1/2 months at this time, so anything close to her face she wants to chew on. It is impossible to expect her to sit to be groomed with out engaging her mouth with something while trying to use a  grooming tool on her. At first it was just a gentle combing that never quite got to her hair because her mouth was right there. I then got her brush and held the comb in one hand and brush in the other, and whichever she was interested in biting the other one would be brushing her. I've now moved to holding a tooth brush in one hand for her to chew (which she loves and can do it for a good half hour if needed!) and her brush in the other. The tools I use are listed below with a description and link to where I purchased them.

  • Pets Grooming set with 3 pairs of scissors and a comb: a 7.7" upturned curved scissors for pet’s eyebrow, legs and tushy fur , and a 6.7" serrated blades for close work on your pet's face and paws and a 6.8" straight scissors with smooth blades are for full body fur. Ideal for all purpose cutting and trimming
  • Pet Grooming Comb stainless steel material, two densities design, to make sure all size pets can be used - cats or dogs, smaller or bigger. You can also massage your pets with this comb to let your lazy pets more healthy.
  • Pet Grooming Scissors Materials: Full stainless steel to keep it long time use, no rust, no rupture and no faded.

Four Paws Magic Coat Dual-Sided Combo Brush for Dogs 
Four Paws Magic Coat Dual-Sided Combo Brush combines both pins and bristles to create a perfect multi-use tool. The pin brush side is used to help reduce knots and tangles while the nylon bristle side stimulates your pet's natural oils, leaving a shiny, healthy coat.
Key Benefits

  • Dual-sided, multi-use action
  • Reduces knots & increases shine
  • Stimulates pet's natural oils

 Eco-Friendly Pet Toothbrush (Small): 3-Pack
Just like you uphold good dental hygiene because it's important for your overall health, it is the same for your pet.

And I highly recommend brushing your pet's teeth as often as possible as the number one way to prevent dental disease and keep your pets healthy.

My Healthy Pets Eco-Friendly Pet Toothbrush is made out of sustainable, strong, non-toxic bamboo with chemical-free, recyclable nylon bristles.
Among bamboo's many outstanding qualities, are its:

  • Incredibly fast growing and regenerative
  • Able to release more oxygen into the air than hardwood trees
  • Biodegradable
Also, due to its fibrous nature, it helps clean pets' teeth when they chew on it, so it's safe if dogs or cats chew on the handle while brushing.
Unfortunately, even though dental problems can cause pets pain, often there are no apparent symptoms unless you are regularly checking your pet’s teeth. And a buildup of dental plaque could turn into harmful dental disease, which can potentially affect your pets' heart, liver, and kidneys as they get older.
Help protect your furry friend now... give them a daily dental routine to help them maintain optimal health. It's best to start early.. but it's never too late! Try this Healthy Pets Eco-Friendly Pet Toothbrush today!

Earthbath Grooming Wipes for Puppies, 100 count   Earthbath Grooming Wipes for Puppies are perfect for keeping your brand-new pal clean and fresh without the hassle of bathing. Pre-moistened wipes remove dirt, dander, drool, and… ahem… discharge from bottoms, tops, and everything between. The wild cherry essence leaves a fresh scent perfect for the all-important puppy cuddle time, and aloe vera and vitamin E nourish the skin and coat.

Key Benefits
  • Perfect for puppies
  • Removes allergy-causing dander
  • Simple to use
  • Great for between baths
 I used these a lot. Any time we go outside she gets a wipe down before I put her down inside to make sure all the dirt and pollen is off her feet and fur. Also if she needs an extra tushy cleaning during the day these are very handy.