Friday, August 15, 2014

Advantages Of Meditation 

There are many advantages of meditation. Some take a while and some can be immediate. It is worth noting that doctors increasingly recommend alternative practices such as meditation, over and above traditional medical intervention, to assist with faster recovery for their patients.

There are four main areas that meditation benefits:

Physical Advantages of Meditation

·         Meditation improves brain functioning by strengthening communication between different areas of the brain.  
·         It reduces cortisol (the body’s natural stress hormone) levels in the body and so decreases stress. 
·         It reduces the heart rate and respiratory rate and so helps reduce high blood pressure. 
·         Improved breathing helps oxygenate the body more effectively. 
·         Reduces muscular tension and associated aches and pains.  
·         Meditating can even help strengthen the immune system! 

Psychological Advantages of Meditation

·         Mental stress and pressure is now often cited as the main cause of a high percentage of physical diseases that are prevalent in the world today, such as cancer. The calming and relaxing effects created by meditating can greatly help combat stress and its effects. 
·         Increased sense of wellbeing and happiness. 
·         Helps to develop a positive attitude and optimism.  
·         Helps to increase self-confidence and self- esteem. 
·         Helps to improve concentration and focus. 

Lifestyle Advantages of Meditation

·         Improved interpersonal relationships. 
·         Ability to be more responsive to your own needs. 
·         Increased productivity through increased ability to focus. 
·         Increased tolerance, compassion and empathy for others and understanding of the self. 
·         Inspiring to others as they start to notice the changes within you. It will get them curious and inspire them to find out more about meditating. 

Spiritual Advantages of Meditation

·         Deep introspection increases knowledge and acceptance of the self. 
·         Increased tolerance, compassion and empathy for others enables you to improve people’s lives and the world around you. 
·         Helps us to realize we are all a part of the same universe and develop a sense of “connectedness”. 
·         Can increase understanding and intensify feelings of unconditional love. 

These are just a few of the benefits that can be experienced by including meditation as a part of your regular daily routine. There are many more shared and individual experiences and advantages to be gained. Some may take a while and others may come much sooner. 
To begin your mediation journey, listening to a guided mediation is always a great way to get into it.