Thursday, May 8, 2014

Garden update 5/7/2014

 5/7/14 - Added a bag of Earthworm Castings to each plot
5/7/14 -Switched around the weed covers for this year's planting plan:) I was able to reuse 3 of them!
  5/7/14 - Baby raspberries are popping up everywhere! The root  spreads and shoots up babies everywhere!
  5/7/14 -  Planted 6 Curled Scotch kale...spacing is off because I'm reusing last year's weed covers
  5/7/14 - 3 of the 4 Dino kale planted
  5/7/14 - Some of the lettuce started to rain so the others have to wait!
 5/7/14 - 4 Pak Choi planted...I then planted Spinach seed in between each