Sunday, May 13, 2012


Ah fruit. So yummy!  As mentioned in yesterday's blog the 80-10-10 lifestyle had caught my attention recently, making me want to learn more and more about it.  I laid it all out in yesterday's blog, so you have an idea what it's all about.  I put a lot of thought into it today, and on a personal note I decided although it's wonderful to be filled with so much sweet nutritious fruit, I can't quit see myself doing this long term, at least not where I stand right now. Which doesn't really need to be said, because my plan was Raw May will basically just be 100% raw, then turned into an experimental month on high carb, low fat raw vegan, and I didn't exactly enter into a commitment to try and live it religiously.  Don't get me wrong, I have loved having so much fruit in a day, these past few days, but I'm just not 100% convinced that it's right for me in the sense that I see too many holes for my particular appealing as eating dessert all day is to me is.  

I've noticed that eating the amount of bananas in a day gives me a headache, it's strange and I thought it was just the first day, but it's been several now.  I rarely get headaches! And this kind lasts all day, for 5 days now. So one lesson learned.  I know it's not just the fact that my smoothie is always icy cold either, because I lived on breakfast smoothies last summer, into the winter and never experienced the headaches.  But never have I ever eaten as many as 6 a day lol.   It's a tightness, and pressure that I will wake up without, and get after a few fruit meals.  It could also just be "all that fruit"...who knows.  I will admit though, a hard core 80-10-10 follower will tell me (before even asking about anything else) that it's probably because I'm not eating enough calories. That's another thing that sorta rubbed me the wrong way, not that I wouldn't mind eating more calories lol, but it seemed to be the solution to every struggling person's question...even when it didn't' make sense.  

When I started the diet I made sure I got a good amount of calories a day, fruit all the way up until dinner, then lots of greens, I found it very doable...increased as the days past. But now thinking about merely going out to eat with friend, or to a family member's house for a meal I can't see myself asking for 10 bananas or 6 mangoes instead lol, the thought amuses me. But that's hardly the point I'm getting at.  Last year I started off my extra healthy lifestyle with 2 months of fully raw, toxic free, grounded living. I adored those 2 months and never felt I went through anything notably difficult or recall any sort of worthy to remember negative symptoms, I can only remember the good things that resulted. A HCLFRV person will tell you, that you can't expect good results right away and it can take years, so hang in there!  I say I know my body and choose to listen to it, and make it happy a Healthy way of course!  After all Being healthy is actually what Makes me happy^_^

I was always so excited to try new recipes, and share them as well. But with the 80-10-10 diet it's quite limited as far as creativity, not 100% limited, but much more than a raw food diet in general. I lost some weight too when I went raw last summer, in spite of raw gourmet having a high fat content with the overuse of nuts, olive and coconut oil...but I felt great! Energized, excited, motivated, moving around more and gaining the Overall health. I already miss that excitement and creativity, thinking about mono-meals and just fruit in the day.  Ohh and my cacao...oh how I  miss thee! My maca, chocolate balls and all the amazing recipes I learned to make.  I'm not saying that I can't do this forever (IF I really wanted to...I have a lot of will power when it comes to food) but I can honestly say I realize I don't want to.  I also know that I do want to include healthy cooked foods such as quinoa, sweet potatoes, squash, and winter veggie soups for those super cold days.  Eggs too! Organic pastured of course, but I do believe that they contain a lot of health benefit, and provide the choline that is very low on this diet.  

What I love about my interests shifting is that I never leave without gaining anything, nothing is every a waste of my time, if I can leave with more knowledge on any health topic, I'm one happy camper.  I also realized the different attitudes communities have, based on their food lifestyle, that did sort of get to me, and I choose no label!  No I'm not a raw foodist (although I believe in eating mostly raw), I'm not vegan (although I support animal rights 100%), and I'm not a frutarian (even though I do love my fruit!).  I'm just a whole foods, healthy eater:)  I will however say that I do believe in the power of raw foods, I encourage it, I live it, and share this from my experience, and will continue to eat mostly raw, which never did change completely since I began, and promote toxic free living.  I also don't see myself going back to eating processed foods, scary additives, and using toxic products or foods. There are way too many Amazing healthy food alternatives out there to surrender to the temptation of dangerous "so called" foods. 

I have so much respect from all the health experts (or not even experts, but those who choose to share their experiences with the masses) and hope that communities continue to support each other in their choice diet and lifestyle.  I just want to end this by sharing my thoughts on living healthy...what it means to me personally. Through my many health journey paths I have learned that what resonates with me most at the end of the day is what will stick with me throughout the journey as a whole:)  Get sunlight, fresh air, drink lots of Clean water, sleep a good amount of hrs, meditate, exercise, Smile! Be thankful, be gracious, be polite and compassionate!  Forgive, listen, don't judge harshly, be humble.  Avoid toxins, get grounded, eat whole foods, eat fresh and Ripe fruits!  Listen to your body, Understand your body, don't jump to conclusions!  Never, ever close your mind to learn something will never know it all so don't do yourself the disservice of believing so. And live in the moment! Don't disregard the future, but don't waste the day either.  These are all the things (and more) that keep Me healthy, and happy. 

And I love fruit ^_^ Yumm!

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