Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seedling - Zucchini

My favorite Veggie to watch grow has been my Black Beauty Zucchini...I guess it's because they are my biggest seeds, and they don't look so similar to all the rest. I planted 2 in the heated greenhouse with the heating mat that wasn't self watering, and 2 in the greenhouse that was self watering (2 days later). It turned out the one I planted later in the self watering green house sprouted twice as fast and was peaking out by day 3!
Below are photos of my first germinated Zucchini. The others are now growing well too. 

 4/15/2012 - day 4 my Black Beauty Zucchini poked right out of the starter mix. I put it in the light in day 3 because it had germinated (just wasn't quite up right as you can see in yesterday's blog).
 4/16/2012 - day 5 it started to show it's beautiful cotyledons (seedling leaves).
 4/17/2012 - day 6 its speed in growth has been wonderful
  4/18/2012 - day 7 I decided it needed more space to grow so transferred it to a slightly  bigger pot
 4/20/2012 - day 9 it started to grow its true leaves!
 4/20/2012 - Sadly that same day my niece got curious and picked at it:(  It's not so pretty any more...but it will live!
4/21/2012 - day 10 it's still doing well and growing more each day:)  I try to give it natural light during the day y the window...and it sees to love it.

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