Friday, April 27, 2012

Diatomaceous Earth

 In my quest to find all organic solutions to any gardening problems that I may arrise, I came across Diatomaceous Earth. 

 Diatomaceous Earth is a natural, organic garden pest control and household insect killer. Diatomaceous Earth kills by physical action- not chemical. It is safe for pets and people. The tiny diatoms scratch off the insect's waxy coating, and dehydrate it. Kill insects in the house or yard. Kill spiders, roaches, silverfish, ants, fire ants, carpenter ants, bedbugs, lice, mites, earwigs, flies, fleas, box elder bugs, crabs(std), pubic and hair lice, scorpions, crickets and harmful insects. Diatomaceous Earth is used in the home, yard, animal housing, etc. Sprinkle a 2 inch wide border around the foundation of your house to stop insects from entering.

Diatomaceous Earth kills aphids, white flies, beetles, loopers, mites, snails, slugs, leaf hoppers, and harmful pests. Use Diatomaceous Earth inside your home, greenhouse or outdoors on fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains and grass. Apply Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth up to and including day of harvest.

I found this website ( )to be the best source, with a low cost per pound. Around $1 per pound (when you include shipping) if you get the 50 lb bag...or half that cost if you pick it Nebraska. The great things about this product is that Diatomaceous Earth is a mineral and will never expire---remember--it is already thousands of years old.

From what I have read, Diatomaceous Earth is the best stuff you can use on bed bugs, sugar ants, aphids, carpenter ants, flea beetles and chicken mites. I’ve also read about it being used on slugs and pin worms. It is often used for long term storage of legumes and grains.

Diatomaceous Earth is also used for human consumption, pet and animal use, bed bugs, organic pest control and other household uses.You can read plenty of ways this product is used on their website

For DRY APPLICATION of Diatomaceous Earth, use a duster and cover entire plant, apply to both top and bottom of leaf. For young plants, as little as two pounds per acre may be adequate. For larger plants, five lbs. per acre is probably sufficient. Diatomaceous Earth will need reapplication after a rain. Applies best when there is dew or after a light rain. It is a long lasting, effective powder. I can imagine that a 50lb bag would last a lifetime for a small gardener such as myself! So the multiple uses for the product makes it a great investment.

When controlling pests, especially around foods, it's best to use organic means, to assure safety.   Insects cannot build up resistance or immunity to Diatomaceous Earth as they do with chemicals. DE can be sprayed or whitewashed by mixing 1 cup DE with 1/2 Gallon of water. Stir frequently and spray/paint trees, yards, and fences. Diatomaceous Earth will not harm earthworms or beneficial soil microorganisms. Wear a dust mask when applying large amounts. Otherwise, just avoid direct inhalation as when using baby powder or any fine powder.

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