Monday, April 23, 2012

Garden Plot

Spring is here and the growing season has begun:)  
My garden is mostly all prepped and ready for cool weather veggie planting.  
All I have left to do is put up the fence...mix in the Azomite (rock dust) when it arrives, and a last layer of biodynamic compost and I'm ready to plant!

I have my little seedlings off to a start indoors waiting until the last day of expected frost to be transplanted into the garden (around mid May). 
Look for tomorrows post for recent pix of my seedlings, under 2 weeks old.

 4/5/2012 I got my 20'x20' garden plot at our community garden:)
 Thankfully the previous owner laid plastic covers over rows to minimize the weeding I had to do this spring.
4/9/2012 - The administrator so kindly let me have several 4'x4' boxes that I planned on extending into larger garden bed. I weeded out as much as I could in this pic, apart from where I laid the boxes
 4/12/2012 - Several days later I came back to finish weeding, and a wonderful fellow community gardener offered to till my garden while I was in the middle of after he tilled it I removed a huge chive plant that was in the corner near my red bag, then finished picking out all the weeds I could find, and smoothed out the garden plot. 
4/14/2012 - I then picked up some 16' wood planks from Lowe's and with the help of my brother-on-law put together my 4 boxes. 
 4/14/2012 - When the boxes were constructed I then loosened up the soil again with a garden fork, smoothed it with a rake, then laid compost...5 wheelbarrows full! Got my workout this day for sure. Spent 5 1/2 hrs in the morning...

 4/14/2012 - I then came back later in the day for another 1 1/2 to lay on the aged fertilizer (both provided by our community garden!)
 4/17/2012 - Put wood chips around my paths, and the main path in front of my garden plot. My plot ends where the edge of my beds end.
  4/17/2012 -This is my garden currently...I loosened up the soil one last time here, mixing in the fertilizer some more (after we had a few days or rain prior). I also put stakes around my garden, as I need to put up my fence. I have 2 sizes 4 feet and 2 feet, so i will have to decide how to divide that up.
Next on the agenda, this coming week, is to add Azomite rock dust (when it arrives in the mail), then a layer of Biodynamic compost on top of that, and mix it really well, hopefully with a small tiller...we'll see how it goes!

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