Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Nutritarian Diet


Garbanzo Girl does a great job in summing up what the Nutritarian diet is in under ten minutes. 
Like many others, I too gained some weight through the pandemic quarantine. However, I don't really blame the quarantine because I've been gaining weight off and on for the past year. I included so many unhealthy foods that I hadn't eaten in over 8 years! I knew I would eventually take a turn back to a healthy lifestyle, but let that time come naturally. I decided on the 4th of July, 2020, while suffering greatly from my chronic back pain that returned with a vengeance and left me unable to move without pain for weeks on end. It was time! July 6th, Monday morning I switched to a healthy diet and I've been going strong ever since! Sticking to it 100% for two months now. I haven't eaten a single piece of chocolate, oil, or animal produce including eggs and fish. I did as much research as possible on the 5th and came across the McDougall diet and knew that this health journey was going to be focused on health and longevity, not just weight loss. I was so excited to get started on it, and I did immediately. Several weeks later through continuous research I discovered The Nutritarian diet, and that has become my holy grail. The changes include slightly more fat in the form of nuts, and not quite as much starch, but more fruit. I've stuck to it for two months now and I've never been healthier or happier than I am right now. Every day I get so excited for the food I'm going to eat. I wanted to track this journey and documented all my foods and activity through chronometer and my fitbit. I didn't plan to track everything for so long, but I have to admit I enjoy it so much, so will keep doing so until I decide not to:)
Two weeks into cleaning up my diet I also restarted my fitness journey. I hadn't worked out much at all the past year apart from long walks with my puppy. I started going to the gym in January, but got sick after the 3rd time and never went back, as the pandemic came right after that. So, this time my fitness journey started at home and outdoors. I found Chloe Ting's free online workout videos and Challenges on YouTube, and began taking longer walks after taking my pup for her very leisurely walk.  I gave myself a few challenges of my own like 20,000 steps a day, that turned into a ridiculous 30,000 steps a day, and although I loved it so much, I did injure my shin that week from all the stress and toned it down. I've now toned it down to 18,000 steps a day, and believe I can keep this goal indefinitely with several rest days, which I take when the weather is bad, or I work a double shift and am short on time. I will lay out my typical day of eating and workouts in further blog posts. I have a pretty consistent routine now that I enjoy too much to change, so my progress has been amazing. 
With my weight gain through junk food I was at my highest weight since 2011, right before starting this journey on July 7th, at 130 lbs. Since 2011 I had been up and down from 110 lbs to 118 lbs roughly. As of yesterday, I weigh 117 lbs. That's 13 lbs in two months, which I find incredible, since my goal was 115 lbs. Not only did I lose fat, but I've gained more muscle than I've ever had, and I feel stronger and healthier. Not too bad for turning 40 this year! My journey isn't over and I have lots of goals yet to reach, but unlike all the other times, I've been happy where I am every step of the way. With my focus on health and not just weight loss my mindset is in the right place and I know this is something I can sustain, because I'm doing it for all the right reasons. For the first time ever I'm also going to attempt to gain muscle and develop my glutes, something I've never done. I have to admit, I've never known how to gain muscle. But thanks to my new found love for fitness with a new mindset, I'm welcoming the challenge. I have many more challenges too, such as flexibility and strength as well. 
Back to the diet portion, I am also 100% vegan this time around. For over 8 years, after my 4 months of eating a raw vegan diet, I included fish and eggs. This time around I've gained so much more knowledge on the foods and health and longevity that I've made different choices and I'm seeing results much faster along with feeling much healthier in the process. My energy is through the roof, which is amazing because one thing I suffered from was fatigue. So, here's a start to many blogs to share my new health and wellness journey on the Nutritarian diet with added fitness and mental well being:)