Friday, September 11, 2020

Full day of eating

 For an idea of what my meals for the day look like in depth and detail, here are my Cronometer stats and images of my meals. 

I always start my day off with what I call my gross sludge...I'm the kind of person who wants to ingest all those super healthy ingredients without having to taste them! So I put all the powders and such together in my morning Turmeric shot! I then wash it down with a sip of coconut Bai. This never changes, and pulls me through my morning 2hr walk with plenty of energy to spare!

I then take my vitamins with the Nettle leaf tea that I make the night before and let it steep in the fridge until the morning, mixed with a tablespoon of the Beet Crystals.
When I return from my morning walk I crave my smoothie bowl Weetabix! I used to have the blueberry as a smoothie, but the Weetabix takes it to the next level and I consume it at a slower pace and get those healthy carbs in too.  Now that it's getting chilly, I still can't give it up! So I heat up a home made corn bag, bundle up and snuggle with a blanket with my puppy on my lap and enjoy my chilly desert-like first meal ^_^ 
In my cronometer I combine this smoothie bowl and my oats together even though i eat them 1-2 hours apart, so the calories and nutritional info is for both dishes combined.

After about an hour or two of chores or doing something productive I settle down for my warm meal of the morning, my beloved cracked oats with chia & banana!
 The smoothie and oats combine have: 593.3 calories, 23.5g Protein, 89g Net carbs, and 13.2g fat
Then after a workout, usually a Chloe Ting challenge workout, I will have my Meal 2, which is technically my third meal of the day, which gives me the protein I need right after my workout. It's truly my favorite meal of the day, it's like chocolate ice-cream only very healthy!
 376.2 calories, 12.2g of protein, 22g Net carbs, 12.1g Fat

I love my dinner salad! It's always massive but ends up being less calories than any other family member's meal for the night. I added in some mung bean sprouts and alfalfa last minute, not listed in the ingredients. I love chickpeas, so I've been leaving them out and picking them off first, then I enjoy my sweet potato, then the mixed salad:) There is a benefit for adding some fat with your greens for absorption, but I didn't do that today. Added hemp seeds would have been ideal.
 I added sprouts & had some steamed Swish chard, so this is the total tally for my meal: 496 calories, 25.9 Protein, 75.8g Net Carbs, 4.6g fat 

 There's nothing like a delicious, chocolaty, peanutbuttery hot cocoa as a night cap to end the day:) The sleepy tea and warmth is the perfect combination to get me all prepped for sleep.
107.9 Calories, 5.7g Protein, 3.5g Net Carbs. 5.1g fat
 With my full day of 100% plant based meals I get all the nutrients I need as seen below:) I make sure that I'm eating over 1,500 calories while still managing to stay in roughly 1,000 calorie deficit for weight loss. This has worked perfectly for me as I've lost 15 lbs in just 2 months! That's roughly 2 lbs a week as is predicted with a 1,000 deficit. I make sure to stay active to be able to eat the amount of calories I do in a day:)
 I shoot to get roughly 50-60 grams of protein a day, but may increase that when I start to eat at a surplus to build muscle after my weight loss phase is done. Eating a fully vegan diet, I could reach this number of protein with foods such as beans, as you can see my dinner salad meal packs the most protein, and although I do include plenty I do love my vegan protein shakes as part of my more dessert meals, but in a whole day I only have a total of 3/4 of a serving of protein powder, so I'm getting most of my protein through foods. I will share my body transformation stats tomorrow and surprisingly my protein measured in my body has only risen since going fully vegan again!

I make sure to get plenty of healthy carbs and fiber in my day! It's very important to get lots of fiber.
I also keep my fats very low, avoiding all fat sources such as oils and choosing healthy fats such as whole nuts and seeds. I eat 1/2 a Brazil nut daily to get my recommended Selenium requirement, walnuts and flax every single day. Along with chia daily for both fats, proteins and omega-3s.  

If you track all your meals you know that it's usually hard to get the nutrients to balance below, but with my favorite meals eaten today I'm perfectly balanced!