Saturday, March 12, 2016

Greenhouse update 3/11/16

 3/11/16 - 11 days after planting the tomato and pepper seeds. Some germinated better than others. Only two of the five Chocolate Cherry seeds germinated, and one of those is barely germinated so I'm not sure how strong it's looking...hoping it survives! They're my favorite tomato so it's no surprise that I ran out of seeds, as they are from 2012!  Three out of the four Beefsteak tomato plants germinated so I just planted another Beefsteak in its place. All three of the Ananas Noir tomato plants germinated, so they seem to be doing pretty well, and all the Golden Berries tomatoes germinated, which wasn't a surprised since they're newer seeds from last year. The peppers seeds take longer to germinate but I see to poking through, so I'll have to wait and see how many  make it!
 3/11/16 - It won't be too long before these are going to need to be transported to cups. I have yet to set up my greenhouse shelves!
3/11/16 - The green onions seem to be doing great:) They are more than enough here for my garden.