Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Greenhouse Start 3/1/16

Ah it's finally that time of year when Spring and new life is on the mind. I can't wait to get my garden up and going! It all starts in the green house.  
 It all starts with tomatoes and peppers. This year I've narrowed it down to just a few varieties. My plan is to plant about 12-14 tomato plants this year. My blueprint is set up for 12 plants but I'm sure I can adjust accordingly if I decide to keep more.  It's always a gamble how many will grow nice and strong or if at all. I've had excellent luck over the years, but can't be too careful because they need to be started early. And the extras make a wonderful gift for friends with gardens:)
 The greenhouse is starting very small this year, as I took down both the built greenhouses to make the room more presentable as a guest room. But as the spring nears and summer creeps up the greenhouse will be in full bloom :)
 Today I germinated 4 Beef Steak tomatoes to plant 3, germinated 3 Ananas Noire to plant 2, germinated 5 Chocolate cherry tomatoes to plant 3 or 4 and germinated 6 Golden Berries tomatoes to plant 3 or 4.  
I also planted 6 Five Colored Peppers and I plan to plant the 4 strongest ones. Lastly I germinated some Tokyo White onions (large green onions).
3/6/16 - Six days later Signs of life ^_^ Looks like the Gold Berries tomatoes are the first to germinate.