Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sun dried tomatoes and kale chips

 Sun dried tomatoes - sliced large tomatoes...I lightly removed most seeds. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and removed most of the seeds.
 I mixed some Oregano, Thyme, salt and Basil and sprinkled it over the tomatoes after a light drizzle of olive oil. 
 I first set the dehydrator to 200...but after several hours I noticed some were chard but most still not dried, so I flipped each piece over and lowered it to 175 until they dried out.
 Kale Chips - I cut both the dino kale and curly kale into bite size pieces. I massaged some olive oil into them and sprinkled some garlic powder.
I set the oven to 300 degrees, but some were drying out too fast on the edges nearly burned, so I lowered it to 200 until the rest dried out. I removed all the completely dried ones.
Kale chips ready! A light sprinkle of salt and they are one healthy tasty treat!
 Makes for amazing toppings for the tomato soup!

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