Monday, May 18, 2015

Greenhouse update 5/17/15

 5/17/15 - Greenhouse update
  5/17/15 - Fungus gnat larvae destroying some of my plant roots! Lost two cucumbers and a zucchini so far :(  Clear worm in the center of this image.
  5/17/15 - Solution for getting rid of the Fungus Gnat larvae - potato
  5/17/15 - Cucumbers are stunted because of the gnat problem this year, so taking action...I've noticed the fungus gnats flying around my plants every year, but have never lost plants due to them until this year!
  5/17/15 - Tomatoes already flowering! Still not warm enough at all for them to be outside...tomorrow the feelslike temp will get down to 18 degrees!
 5/17/15 - Peppers also flowering