Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Garden update 5/1/15 & 5/2/15

5/1/15 - Mapping out my weed covers 
 5/2/15 - Round 2 in fixing the fence...that the wind blew down and snapped all the thin wooden stakes! Got some 2"x4" stakes to keep it in place!
 5/2/15 - Round 2 of adding more compost to each bed.
 5/2/15 - Putting on the new row covers (last year I reused the weed fabric from the year before by rotating the beds I put them in. I then used the old weed fabric for the paths this year.
  5/2/15 - Fence fixed up and secure
 5/2/15 -The 2nd bed also done...took a break to finish the rest the following day