Wednesday, February 20, 2013

POC and POD...whaat?

If you watched the videos on the last blog you may be wondering what that weird phrase that was is, and what it means. If you are familiar with Access Consciousness, and their clearing statement tools you will be familiar with what it's about, but if not, below is a quick explination.

This phrase is said after "garbage" so to speak comes up, any unpleasant thoughts,  feelings, judgements that arise in your mind, limiting you from your full potential.
“Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POC and POD, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.”

Right and Wrong, Good and Bad is shorthand for:
What’s good, perfect and correct about this?
What’s wrong, mean, vicious, terrible, bad, and awful about this?
What’s right and wrong, good and bad?

Is the point of creation of the thoughts, feelings and emotions immediately preceding whatever you decided.

Is the point of destruction immediately following whatever you decided. It’s like pulling the bottom card out of a house of cards. The whole thing falls down.

All 9
Stands for nine layers of crap that we're taking out. You know that somewhere in those nine layers, there’s got to be a pony because you couldn’t put that much crap in one place without having a pony in there. It’s crap that you’re generating yourself, which is the bad part. The good part is because you created it, you can change it.

Is the short version of: What’s meaningful about this? What’s meaningless about this? What’s the punishment for this? What’s the reward for this?

Stands for nucleated spheres.  Have you ever been told you have to peel the layers of the onion to get to the core of an issue?  Well, this is it—except it’s not an onion.  It’s an energetic structure that looks like one.   These are pre-verbal. Have you ever seen one of those kids’ bubble pipes? Blow here and you create a mass of bubbles on the other end of the pipe? As you pop one bubble it fills back in. Basically these have to do with those areas of our life where we’ve tried to change something continuously with no effect.  This is what keeps something repeating ad infinitum…

Are feelings or sensations you get that stop your heart, stop your breath, or stop your willingness to look at possibilities. It’s like when your business is in the red and you get another final notice and you say argh! You weren’t expecting that right now.

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