Saturday, June 16, 2018

Favorite product of the week - Freedom Mastery Law of Attraction Goal Planner & Organizer

Since discovering the the Law of Attraction series, I've always beed drawn to it. The concepts and lessens have drastically changed my life and outlook of my future for the better, bring me more joy than I can express. So, in my search for a daily planner, when I discover this planner, I was over joyed! It's even more amazing that I could have asked for.  I'm trying to live more of a minimalist lifestyle, taking baby steps to do so, and one way this planner is amazing is the fact that you can use it for the month, microwave it to erase all content in the book, from that month, and reuse it the next month!  This is done using a special erasable ink pen. The book is also made to be safe to microvate for 30 seconds. I love the pens so much! And after a week of using them I discovered that they erase even without microwaving the book by using the little eraser at the back of the pen. This makes for a very clean looking journal, using bright vibrant colors. To preserve any content you want to keep, you can simply take photos of the pages and keep a digital copy, saving only the content you choose.  

I’ve definitely become more productive with this planner in my life. It helps me positivenly micromanage my hours in the day, and I get much more done than without it.  I get excited about filling in all the daily slots with accomplishments, and love the fact that it has a space to jot down and contemplate on emotions I’ve experienced within the day to work though them, leaving no lingering negative feelings before I go to bed.   

I've  established a routine now where I put on some beautiful soundscape music, sip on my delicous morning drink through my glass straw, and clear my mind to fill out some of my plan for the day. I then finish off my day doing the same thing, finishing off my entry, and can peacefully go to sleep. 

Pilot FriXion Clicker Retractable Erasable Gel Pens Fine Point

These are the erasable pens to use with this journal. I purchased them for $8.01 on amazon.