Saturday, June 3, 2017

Garden update 6/3/17

 6/3/17 - I should have knows I couldn't keep out of my garden!  I guess I changed my mind in using my big space.  I don't have a garden set up in my back yard yet, so I decided to make use of my plot space and make the time to water after my gym time...and pray for night rain! I ended up buying and transplating 6 different kinds of tomatoes, with a total of 7 tomato plants. I then planted basil next to it. A garden favorite of mine.  
 6/3/17 - This is day three of my cucumber plants in the garden. They are getting white leaves, as they usually do early on because I didn't really give them time to harden off...but I'm sure they'll be fine!

6/3/17 - I am a little nervous about how my plants with do. Usually I do so much to prep the soil! This year I have no amendments in the soil...I didn't even til it! Just weeded and covered them, thinking I wasn't going to use it. 
6/3/17 - I also planted some stuff in pots. The green long pot is full of celantro, the small cups have curly kale that I'll transplant to my garden, the orange bit rount pot has basil seeds and the other large round pot has lettuce.